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Michael Deutch is Mindjet’s guru behind their new release. He is offering a fabulous series of blogs to familiarize users on the new release. Check out these and future posts: · Post 1: 11/12: Share Your Ideas & Project Maps Everywhere! · Post 2: 11/14: Tackling Tough Tasks: MindManager 8’s Top Task Management Enhancements · […]

Today press releases went out announcing the latest version of MindManager. Some of the new features include: Mindjet player, embedded browser, integrated MS Office file editing, integrated web services, searchable maps, automated task management, and database linker. See Chuck Frey’s review.

In September, Chuck Frey conducted a survey of users of web-based mind mapping applications, to learn how people are utilizing them and to shed some light on the advantages, disadvantages and future potential of this exciting new technology. The results of this survey are finally available at There’s a lot of great data here, […]

As promised in the October 18, 2007 posting, here is the step-by-step process that Kaye Nightingale uses to link MindManager and MS Outlook. Download a trial version or learn more information on MindManager for MAC and PC. If the item (Appointment, Task, Contact,or Note) does NOT yet exist in Outlook, start in the MAP by […]

Chuck Frey is conducting a survey about the fast-growing, exciting world of Web-based mind mapping tools. If you have tried any web-based visual mapping tools like MindMeister, Mindomo, Mind42 or Comapping, then please take a moment to take his survey. Chuck will be closing it on Friday, October 12th.

This blog goes out to my business associates who are not already MindManager software users or have not previously tested the MindManager Pro 7 software. If enough of you download the 21-day trial version for PC or MAC by September 30, 2007, the school of my choice will receive a free 1-year MindManager site license […]

Chuck Frey is author of the Mind Mapping Software Blog and the popular Innovation Weblog. His e-book Power Tips & Strategies for Mind Mapping Software was originally published in 2005, and quickly became a trusted guudebook about visual mapping for business. He has just re-released it in an updated and expanded second edition. This time […]

Linda Rex attended the 2-day “Idea Mapping: A Learning Workshop“ held at ACH in June. She was asked to do some purchasing training on two processes/procedures, and thought this was a perfect opportunity to try mapping her lesson plan for this training. She used FreeMind 8.0 for this application.

This is the second in a series of surveys of users of mapping software by Chuck Frey. His objectives in conducting this ongoing research are to find out how executives are using mind mapping software, and to shed some light on the challenges of increasing its acceptance in corporate settings. During the month of February […]

Last fall Chuck Frey conducted a major survey of mind mapping software users. The results were quite significant. This research, showed for example, that mapping software increases the productivity of its users by an average of 20 percent! His new survey delves deeper into issues like sharing your maps, collaborating with others, and exporting maps […]

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