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Exactly one year ago I introduced the first posting about an activity I use to introduce participants in my Idea Mapping Workshops. Read the first posting to understand the purpose and background of this activity. Can you guess the name of this person? She was a participant in one of the workshops I taught at […]

In April 2009 I posted about the first Idea Mapping Workshop for CPP Investment Board in Toronto, and shared an idea map that Jason Koulouras (Director of Data Services) created.  I would now like to share a few more details about that course. As you have seen in previous postings, each participant is asked to […]

Larimer County Government – Part 1

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In June of 2008 I paid my first visit to Larimer County Government in Fort Collins, CO. There were 24 people in the 2-day workshop. I’ve posted photos, successes, and examples from that workshop previously if you want to search on “Larimer County”. February 2009 the top leadership went through the 2-day workshop followed by […]

The first one was the most difficult. The picture is a raw piece of meat + N, so rawn becomes the name Ron. The others were Mark and Maggie and weren’t as tough.

Every six months or so I feature a name tent that my workshop participants create for their introductions. Today I decided to have a triple play for you to guess.  These are from two workshops I taught at Boeing last fall in Seattle. Photos are courtesy of Dave Ringer who directs the classes taught through […]

Chris Blatnick was the first to get this one correct! Thanks for playing. Back to more idea mapping examples in the next post.

This name tent comes from my recent week at OTPP (Ontario Teachers Pension Plan) earlier this month.  I first introduced this brain teaser in an August post if you want more background. This is a pretty easy one, so guess away!

The first one to answer the Name Tent Puzzle in the previous post correctly was Chris Blatnick followed quickly by Staffan Noteberg. Watch for another name tent in a few weeks!

This is a fun guessing game has been well received by the readers of this blog. This name tent was created by a workshop participant from one of my Idea Mapping Workshops at ACH (Automotive Components Holding, LLC)  this summer. Can you guess the name? I’ll share the name and the first person to guess […]

The answer to yesterday’s brain-teaser is Rogers. Kroger is a national grocery store chain in the USA, so the solution is: Kroger (not Farmer Jack’s) minus the “K” plus an “S”. Scott Knitter from EDS was the first person to correctly guess the name and Lisa Harvey Roach (Certified Idea Mapping Instructor) was the second.

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