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OK, that was just too much fun! Let’s try one more and then I’ll get back to sharing a stack of idea maps that are waiting in the cue. The instructions and purpose for this activity was posted on August 31, 2008, so if you are new to this game you may want to read […]

In the previous posting, you were trying to guess the first name of the participant who drew a picture of their name. Now I’ll give you the answer — Rutledge. I had some pretty funny possibilities, but no one came close to guessing. We’ll try an easier one in the next week or so.

In 98% of my two-day workshops, I start out with an activity asking participants to create a nametent using images, color, symbols, and no more than two letters. The activity has several purposes: It acts as the introduction of participants. It sets the stage for an unusual workshop. The names are more memorable for everyone. […]

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