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Easter Sunday could not be a more appropriate day to show viewers this map. I’ve called this idea map “A Celebration of Life”. I got a call from John Meyer asking if I could create a map for a friend of his. Yes, I could….but I knew someone who could do even better! This map […]

This week I received an idea map from Ken Robert, a creative career coach. Following is his description of this map: “I use idea maps to review the assignments my clients complete and send to me before a creative career consultation. I look for repeating themes that stand out and research ideas tailored to their […]

Starting today, I am going to occasionally post Idea Maps for you to see and share. Seeing how others created their maps, and learning how they were applied fosters greater learning and collaboration. There will be a mix of hand-drawn and electronic maps. To start this new pattern I’m sharing one of my own. This […]

Television personality Richard Quest airs his monthly “Quest” program on CNN. On September 23/24 (Saturday 06:00, 14:00, 19:00 and Sunday 06:00, 19:00 ALL TIMES GMT) he will air one called “The Quest for Genius.” This month on Quest, we take a journey into the human mind, the complex gray matter that distinguishes us from the […]

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The purpose of this blog is to share idea mapping examples and related learning from my Idea Mapping, Memory, Speed Reading, and Certification Workshops. This blog is dedicated to my Certified Idea Mapping Instructors, my clients, Mind Mapping and Idea Mapping practitioners around the globe.




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