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This is the third idea map that Jim Lauria has shared on this blog. In this example Jim used Mindjet’s MindManager software to create a map of the top 10 most popular Ted talks. This version is collasped, so you can’t see all the details or the links to these talks. Featured in these clips […]

Visual Root is a new website that enables visitors to create massive online collaborative Mind Maps and Idea Maps. Created by Victor Palmer and James Patton Visual Root is different from the MANY commercial (and free) mind mapping programs out there.  Victor states: “The idea is to take a user-initiated thought tree (I never know […]

Chuck Frey must be the world’s leading expert on mind mapping or idea mapping software. He has done a series of surveys and this won proves to be another winner. As with past surveys from this blog, this year’s Trends survey yielded some surprising results: Nearly half of respondents said that mind mapping software has […]

The very first posting about this experiment with Luther College students was on October 23, 2009. (You can get some background there.) Dr. Tim Schweizer led the experiment.  From this date through the April 15, 2010 posting you will find many examples from this first group. For the next semester Dr. Schweizer change the assignment […]

In the January 26, 2009 posting one of Tim Schweizer’s idea maps was featured along with a mention about the above map being featured in the Mindjet Newsletter. Tim is the Professor of Management at Luther College. This idea map and the story only stayed on the Mindjet Newsletter site for 4 weeks. I am […]

This Idea Map is the agenda of the webinar that I will be delivering today for the 1,000 attendees of the RMC Project Management Bookstore monthly webinar. Although today’s event is full, you can register to hear the archived version at the bookstore. Those who participate in this webinar can receive a 10% rebate on […]

October 13-15, 2009 will be the debut of a new training offering. On October 13-14, 2009 I will be offering the 2-day Idea Mapping Workshop and Mindjet is working on developing the third day where they will help participants put Mindjet solutions to work. Stay tuned for more details that might be available in a […]

Yesterday I returned from teaching an Idea Mapping Workshop at Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP) in Toronto. One of the participants was Dan Houle who is the VP of Investment Operations. He has been and avid mind mapper and user of MindManager since 2005. He estimates that he has easily created over 650 maps using […]

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Michael Deutch is Mindjet’s guru behind their new release. He is offering a fabulous series of blogs to familiarize users on the new release. Check out these and future posts: · Post 1: 11/12: Share Your Ideas & Project Maps Everywhere! · Post 2: 11/14: Tackling Tough Tasks: MindManager 8’s Top Task Management Enhancements · […]

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