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Once again I (Jamie Nast) will be teaching my 2-day Idea Mapping Workshop. This course is open to the public and I will have 2 college students and at least one high school senior joining the adults for the class. Registration is still open with 5 seats remaining. I look forward to having you join […]

YouTube Direkt2012 Idea Mapping Workshop in Poland I just returned from teaching Idea Mapping in Warsaw, Poland for a program called EUROREG — an Academy of Evaluation which is financed and sponsored by the Polish Ministry of Regional Development and the European Union. I am the first presenter each year for this 9-month program where […]

The 2012 schedule for Idea Mapping Workshops is now available. Unless noted otherwise, Jamie Nast (author of Idea Mapping) will be teaching the workshops. Currently the public workshops are scheduled to be available in: Palm Beach, FL Livonia, MI San Francisco, CA Columbia, SC Las Vegas, NV There is also going to be at least […]

Registration is now open for this 2-day workshop in Palm Beach. I look forward to having you join me for this exciting time of fun and learning. See you there!

Last Thursday I returned to Mufreesboro, TN for the 9th year in a row to teach two Idea Mapping Workshops to adult students at MTSU. These workshops are sponsored by OWLS (an organization providing support for students who have primary responsibilities outside of the University) and by Pinnacle (MTSU’s chapter of the national Pinnacle Honor […]

Registration is now open. I look forward to having you join me for this exciting workshop. See you there!

This drawing was created by Janet Forton who is a friend and colleague from my old EDS (now HP) days. She took what was then called my Mind Mapping Workshop (now updated to Idea Mapping Workshop). During on of the activities participants are challenged to apply a learning model to do what many consider to be impossible […]

In February of 1992 I was a participant in a 2-day Mind Mapping Workshop for the first time. It was taught by one of my colleagues Randy Raines. For many of the activities Randy had us apply a learning model to learn new skills that quite frankly most adults think of as impossible tasks. Drawing […]

Registration is now open. I look forward to having you join me for this exciting workshop. See you there!

In addition to the public Idea Mapping Workshop I just scheduled for August 2-3, 2011 in Michigan, I’ve just scheduled one in Seattle for September 27-28, 2011. So the public workshop schedule for the remainder of 2011 currently looks like this: August 2-3 in Livonia, MI August 9-10 in San Diego, CA September 12-13 in […]

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The purpose of this blog is to share idea mapping examples and related learning from my Idea Mapping, Memory, Speed Reading, and Certification Workshops. This blog is dedicated to my Certified Idea Mapping Instructors, my clients, Mind Mapping and Idea Mapping practitioners around the globe.




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