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Michael Deutch is Mindjet’s guru behind their new release. He is offering a fabulous series of blogs to familiarize users on the new release. Check out these and future posts: · Post 1: 11/12: Share Your Ideas & Project Maps Everywhere! · Post 2: 11/14: Tackling Tough Tasks: MindManager 8’s Top Task Management Enhancements · […]

This book by Teiji Nakano just came out October 22, 2008 and is available at Amazon.jp.  Teiji is a master of the MindManager product and is personally responsible for the sales of 8,000 licenses in a previous position. He has just joined the Mindjet team in Japan and they are fortunate to have him on […]

Susi Watson developed this unique map for people who wanted want to visit the various tourist attractions in San Francisco. Unfortunately, non-Mindjet users can’t open the branches to see the details. Above are two versions of her map. One is the collapsed overview and the second map is expanded in a few places to show […]

I was introduced to Bill Miller in the fall of 2007 by Denny Sikkila – Mindjet’s Central Regional Manager. Bill is the Associate Vice President & Controller for Nationwide Services Company at Nationwide Insurance. He is a visionary and champion for personal productivity and process automation. Bill is leading the way in introducing MindManager throughout […]

I was fortunate to be one of the facilitators at the VizThink ’08 Conference this week in San Francisco, CA. On Saturday I began to study the various session descriptions to see which ones I wanted to attend. I looked at a list of session titles which showed the time, location, and last name of […]

I’m thrilled to share the first idea map in Chinese to be posted on this blog. This MindManager map is created by Yang Qin and contains her thoughts around decorating a room. Yang Qin is the wife of a friend of mine named Ji Hong. Ji Hong has contributed an idea map to this blog […]

As promised in the October 18, 2007 posting, here is the step-by-step process that Kaye Nightingale uses to link MindManager and MS Outlook. Download a trial version or learn more information on MindManager for MAC and PC. If the item (Appointment, Task, Contact,or Note) does NOT yet exist in Outlook, start in the MAP by […]

Today these idea maps are featured in my monthly column in the Mindjet Newsletter. The theme of the October newsletter is “Integrating MindManager with Microsoft Office.” Following is a brief description of the maps in my column. For complete details see the Mindjet Newsletter. Both of these maps were created by Kaye Nightingale, a Microsoft […]

This blog goes out to my business associates who are not already MindManager software users or have not previously tested the MindManager Pro 7 software. If enough of you download the 21-day trial version for PC or MAC by September 30, 2007, the school of my choice will receive a free 1-year MindManager site license […]

Idea Map #39 – Food Pyramid

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Daniel is a senior at the University of South Florida, and did his summer at a large automotive company in southeastern Michigan. One of his first assignments his manager gave him was to read the Idea Mapping book. I met Daniel in June and he was already becoming a huge fan and user of MindManager. […]

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The purpose of this blog is to share idea mapping examples and related learning from my Idea Mapping, Memory, Speed Reading, and Certification Workshops. This blog is dedicated to my Certified Idea Mapping Instructors, my clients, Mind Mapping and Idea Mapping practitioners around the globe.




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