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Idea Mapping with MindManager at Bellevue College 24 Apr 2021


Idea Mapping with MindManager at Bellevue College

MindManager software helps business professionals achieve more by efficiently organizing and clearly communicating complex ideas and information. MindManager has had the vast majority of the Idea Mapping or Mind Mapping software market share for the past 10 years.


To transfer the knowledge of how to use MindManager, and give you a tool that will:
- Enable you to create Idea Maps using MindManager
- Drastically improve your ability to organize large amounts of information into a
single view. This enables you to have a "big picture" view of the task at hand, and to see and analyze relationships between data that would not be obvious in a linear document.
- Clarify your thinking through the power of the brain's natural associations
- Enhance memory and interest by leveraging the use of color and imagery in
visual communication
- Stimulate creativity and idea generation
- Assist in collaboration, brain-storming, problem-solving, individual and team
productivity, thought organization, learning, planning, communication, documentation, and all phases of project management

To provide you with training in the use of MindManager:
- To be able to sufficiently operate the basic functionality of MindManager well enough to allow you to explore personal utilization on you own after the course is completed
- Provide resources for further detailed training on your own including detailed role-based utilization
- Leverage the benefits of the MindManager software tool to create, expand and rearrange your Idea Map as you wish without the limitations of paper and pen.

For a complete description see Idea Mapping with MindManager Abstract

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Virtual Class Sponsored by Bellevue College, 14673 NE 29th Pl, Bellevue, WA, 98007, USA

Saturday, 24 Apr 2021

Start Time: 8:00 am
End Time: 4:00 pm

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