Idea Mapping Workshop or Mind Mapping Workshop in Warsaw Poland 17Idea Mapping Workshop or Mind Mapping Workshop in Warsaw Poland 18Idea Mapping Workshop or Mind Mapping Workshop in Warsaw Poland 16On Oct. 24-25 I was the kick-off presenter for the 7th Academy of Evaluation in Warsaw, Poland. For a video slide show of workshop highlights and more information about this 9-month program see my Nov. 1, 2014 posting.

One of the objectives of this workshop is to teach civil servants not only the Idea Mapping tool, but also the MindManager software product. One of the ways I do that is to hand out a 2-page article summarizing Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and have each person create an Idea Map about the article using MindManager. So here are a few examples of those maps. Very interesting how different they can be even though all read the same article.

Idea Mapping Workshop Flier - Palm Beach 2014I’m thrilled to announce that the final public Idea Mapping Workshop for 2014 will be happening in Palm Beach, FL next month. Vanda North (Founder and former CEO of The Buzan Centres) will also be teaching her 1-day Mind Chi Workshop on Dec 2 and will be joining us for much of the Idea Mapping Workshop and subsequent Idea Mapping Instructor Certification Course (Dec 3-6). So far participants are coming from Alberta, Canada, Switzerland, and the USA.

Also joining us will be several previously certified instructors, so there will be an abundance of experienced brains to learn from. Enrollment is limited to only 8 participants since we are using the unique venue of Vanda’s home (only 2 blocks from the beach), so register now if you want a spot in this extraordinary learning journey.

Flights can come directly into West Palm Beach (PBI) or you can take the Tri-Rail from either Miami or Ft. Lauderdale for around $9.00USD one-way.

I look forward to seeing you all in sunny Palm Beach!

YouTube Direkt7th Academy of Evaluation in Poland

Idea Mapping Workshop or Mind Mapping Workshop in Warsaw Poland 330 Polish civil servants gather once again to embark upon this 9-month adventure in learning. As our tradition continues, I brought Prof. Gorzelak another crazy gift for him to add to his collection! This animate video captures some of the memorable moments of this workshop. Enjoy!

For more details about this Academy of Evaluation see my Oct. 24, 2014 posting.

Warsaw Idea Mapping 2009 - Juggling 1GregoryIdea Mapping Workshops or Mind Mapping Workshops 4right-view-palace-of-culture-and-scienceI first featured this project in 2008 when I was invited to be part of the initial launch of the Academy of Evaluation. Now we are about to embark on its 7th year.

Participants have been civil servants from all the Polish Ministries including the Prime Minister’s Office. These dedicated governmental employees are part of a critical effort to rebuild Poland’s infrastructure and to measure the success of those projects. This program is sponsored by the University of Warsaw, and the brain behind this effort is Warsaw University professor Karol Olejniczak, Ph.D. He is a committed part of the solution in turning Poland in the direction of continued success. Idea Mapping has been a critical tool used during this 9-month program. It has helped grow the participants’ personal and professional success.

I’m looking forward to meeting another group today.

PMI Heartland Idea Mapping Breakout 1PMI Heartland Idea Mapping Breakout 5PMI Heartland Idea Mapping Breakout 4The four breakout rooms were set with 75 chairs each at the PMI Annual Conference outside of Omaha, NE this past Monday. In my AM Memory session we had to pull in extra chairs to accommodate the crowd. I had 104 of the 289 conference attendees learning to memorize 20 items in order, learn to remember names & faces, and fly through their memory test of 30 images successfully.

In the afternoon Idea Mapping breakout we got a bit of a late start as we had to accommodate 140 with standing room only. Brought a case of Idea Mapping books and sold out! Great time was had by all!

PMI Heartland ChapterTomorrow nearly 300 PMP’s will join the Heartland Chapter’s Professional Development event. I’m privileged to be teaching both an Idea Mapping session and a Memory session. Will share photos of the events in an upcoming post.

Ania Plawinska - Idea Map or Mind Map of Her FutureAnia Plawinska from Warsaw, Poland was one of over 739 participants on the Idea Mapping Webinar I gave on September 24, 2014 to the Global PMI Consulting Communities of Practice. At the end of the webinar I challenged the attendees to send me an idea map that I could post on my blog and we could watch this group grow in their mapping skills.

Here is the description of Ania’s idea map: “My partner and I decided to prepare our own idea maps of what we want in our lives to see if our goals for the future aligned and whether we were looking in the same direction. It was at the beginning of our relationship. What came out of it was that we are happy with what we have, and we want similar things. We are not craving for luxurious goods. In contrast we are going to be happy with a few things to live comfortably, and we prefer to spend money on traveling.

1) Partner – I want to be happy with my partner… and I’m very happy with my partner Frank.

2) Apartment – I don’t need a luxurious house. I will be happy with a nice apartment. We have our own apartment, but we would like one bedroom more with our own parking space — so this is a plan.

3) Car – a decent car will suffice. Actually we got one in April.

4) Work – work that I enjoy and that pays the bills and allows to put some money aside for travels.

5) Education – Always  improve –  I passed my PMP exam  in May this year, but when we did the map it was only a plan. I want to pass 2 more ACCA exams to gain an Advanced Diploma in Finance and Business. I started ACCA in 2005, but after passing 7 exams I had a long break. As I don’t like to leave things unfinished I decided to come back to at least complete 2 more exams and receive this diploma.

6) Photography – I love it and it is my hobby, but I don’t have time for it so my goal is to be able to spend more time getting better at photography.

7) Sports – I like playing Speedminton and I’m planning to get better at it. I would also like to complete Krav Maga (self-defence) course.

8) Traveling  – I love to travel and I’ve travelled a lot already and those are the places that I would really want to visit. There are more places that I haven’t been to yet, but this map is a work-in-progress & sort of a new year resolution.”

Thanks for sharing your idea map Ania! I’ll look forward to seeing more.

Rack of LambMy September 4, 2014 posting was my first one about the recipes my husband (Kevin Nast) is grilling on his Big Green Egg. I am going to create an idea map or mind map of each of his recipes and eventually create one master idea map of all of them. This idea map was created using MindManager and is the recipe for Frenched Rack of Lamb.

It was delicious!

Idea Map or Mind Map - Luther College Grangaard, Melanie 3sm copyIdea Map or Mind Map - Luther College Grotnes, Sam 3sm copyIdea Map or Mind Map - Luther College Hovey, Devon 3Idea Map or Mind Map - Luther College Marlow, Kat 3This is the first set of Idea Mapping examples from Dr. Tim Schweizer’s Winter 2013 Principles of Management students. I have been blogging about Tim’s work with his students since October 2009 — shortly after he attended one of my Idea Mapping Workshops. Search this blog on “Luther College” for more examples.

Tim has developed a solid process to successfully teach Idea Mapping to his students. Tim takes the first two class periods to teach this tool to his students. Their first assignment is to create a map with “Who Am I?” as the topic. You can see many of those examples on this blog. Their second assignment is a take home assignment to create an idea map on their topic of choice. More of these here. The third assignment is for them to overview a business book and then capture their thoughts and reactions in an idea map. More of these here. The first idea map in this posting is Melanie Grangaard’s book overview on Orbiting the Giant HairballNext is Sam Grotnes’s thoughts about the book The Tipping Point. The third example is Devon Hovey’s review of The Start-Up of You, and lastly is Kat Marlow’s overview of Made to Stick. 

Sure wish I’d learned Idea Mapping when I was in college. Thank you Melanie Grangaard, Sam Grotnes, Devon Hovey, and Kat Marlow for sharing your maps!

Lamb Loin Chops Idea Map or Mind MapBig Green Egg in Kitchen BoxMy husband’s new love over the last year has been his Big Green Egg. It is a ceramic cooker that functions as an oven, a smoker and a grill. The forums are adequate for getting ideas on prep, recipes, timing, internal meat temps and some photos. However the posts rarely include all of these. My husband has a collection of “cheat sheets” for each dish or meat that captures his perfected experience.

I decided it was time to make an idea map for each of his recipes, so here is the first one — Lamb Loin Chops! They were delicious, moist and incredibly tender. The infamous words of Kevin Nast are, “Everything tastes better on the Egg!”

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