Using Mind Maps Cover with Jamie NastI am honored to be feature in the April 2014 edition of the Using Mind Maps Magazine. This magazine’s first edition debuted May of 2013. You can view this magazine on the iPad or iPhone along with the back issues. The article I wrote tells the story of of my Mind Mapping/Idea Mapping journey.

Michael Deutch & Jamie Nast at BiggerplateBiggerplate SF 2014Shelley Hayduk & Jamie NastJim FranklinGraham & Liam Hughes with Jamie Nast at BiggerplateChance Brown & Jamie NastMarch 20, 2014 was the first Biggerplate Unplugged event held in the USA in San Francisco. I was privileged to be one of the speakers. You can see an idea map of the entire speaker line-up at my Feb 25, 2014 posting.

Here is a brief description of these photos from top-down. Long time friend and Mindjet evangelist Michael Deutch, Biggerplate sold-out event, new friend Shelly Hayduk from TheBrain, new friend Jim Franklin from CB&I, new friends Liam (Founder of Biggerplate) & Graham Hughes from Biggerplate, and last but not least my new friend Chance Brown – author of the Mind Map Blog. For more photos from this event you can go to the Biggerplate Facebook page.

There were over 80 people in attendance at the Biggerplate event. Several people were interested in my 2-day Idea Mapping Workshop, so I’ve scheduled a public workshop in San Francisco for September 6-7, 2014. Watch for an announcement for a discount for members of Biggerplate. If you would like to see the Idea Mapping course abstract click here.

The next Biggerplate event will be a 3-hour training session in Paris on May 5, 2014.

Jamie Nast, Liam & Graham HughesLisa Jamie Bettina March 2014March 20, 2014 was the first Biggerplate Unplugged event held in the USA in San Francisco. This successful event is sure to be just the start of many to come.

This day was a great opportunity to meet new friends and re-acquaint with old. Top photo is my first meeting with the Biggerplate team members Liam Hughes and Gram Hughes. Bottom photo was a chance to catch up with old friends Bettina Jetter and Lisa Fait.

In the next post I’ll share photos from the actual event! More photos, videos and presentation materials are available on the Biggerplate website and on the Biggerplate Facebook Page.

Lindsey Cranfield - Forces Idea MapLindsey Cranfield - Anderson Shelter WWII Idea Map or Mind MapMeet Lindsey Cranfield. Lindsey teaches 9-11 year old pupils at Holy Trinity Primary School in West Sussex, UK.

I was introduced to Lindsey after teaching a 1-day Idea Mapping Workshop for PRA International’s Annual Leadership Retreat in Orlando, FL in May 2013. One of the PRA executives from England returned home after the event to discover his 10-year old daughter Alice had been creating idea maps or mind maps thanks to this extraordinary teacher. (See Alice’s map on William Shakespeare in my June 11, 2013 post.) He then introduced me to Lindsey.

I’ve been contributing monthly article to the Using Mind Maps Magazine. Lindsey is featured in the March 2014 edition in Part 3 of my series titled Impact Educators. You can read her full story there.

This first idea map from Jahan is an example of how a map was used as an assessment tool on the topic of Forces.

The second map was completed by a 9 year old in Lindsey’s class last September 2013 on a first attempt. The class topic was World War Two and the children were learning about how people protected themselves from bombing.

VJamieNast-coloredpensLOOK OUT! Here comes Vanda North & Jamie Nast together in one package for two spectacular 3-day events. Vanda and I have been doing work together since 1992 and have finally put our passions together as a joint offering for participants (or just one of the workshops if timing does not permit you to join us for both). We successfully debuted this workshop combination in December 2013, and now we are ready to go global.

Our first 2014 public offering will be September 16-18 in Bournemouth, England and the second one will be held December 2-4 in Palm Beach, Florida (followed by a Certified Idea Mapping Instructor program) in the USA. Vanda will kick-off both events with her 1-day Mind Chi Workshop which is based on her best selling book Mind Chi. I will follow on the second and third day teaching my 2-day Idea Mapping Workshop. For more information see the Idea Mapping Workshop abstract or the Mind Chi website.

Because we want to be able to connect personally with each of you, the number of participants in each workshop will be limited to 24. This does not include Mind Chi Mentors or Certified Idea Mapping Instructors that will also be joining us and adding to your learning experience.

You may choose to take either workshop or enjoy the full benefit of joining us for all three days! Feel free to contact either of us if you would like more information about these events. We look forward to it!

Biggerplate Unplugged Agenda - March 20, 2014I created this idea map for the upcoming Biggerplate Conference on March 20, 2014 in San Francisco. I wanted to show a larger picture, so double-click on the image to clear up the distortion.

Each branch on this visual agenda represents a speaker, break or other event session. For each speaker there is a link to their website or blog, their session topic and a photo. I’m thrilled to be among this group of speakers! Email me if you would like the original MindManager file or you can download it from Biggerplate. Register or see detailed session descriptions here.

Scott Letwin - Switching Circuits Idea Map or Mind Map - WagonerScott Letwin - Orthographic Drawings - BlumThese idea maps are the third set from instructor Scott Letwin’s students (Wagoner & Blum) who just completed their first semester of an Electrical Apprenticeship at Red Deer College in Alberta, Canada. Wagoner’s idea map was on the topic of Switching Circuits and Blum’s idea map was about Orthographic Projection & Diagrams.

I first introduced Scott in my December 4, 2013 posting as he was preparing to attend my 2-day Idea Mapping Workshop in Palm Beach, FL.  My January 2, 2014 posting provides the background on Letwin’s highly successful approach with his apprenticeship students.

Scott’s full story is featured in the January 2014 Using Mind Maps Magazine and available at the AppStore.

Biggerplate Unplugged Mind Map ConferenceUse JAMIE48HOUR as a promo code until Wednesday at midnight and you can register at the $59 early bird rate. Register at Biggerplate Unplugged – The Mind Map Conference for the March 20, 2014 event which will be held at the Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf. I am honored to be joining the speaker line-up for this inaugural event in the USA.

Big Data Marketing TakeawaysI recently read Lisa Arthur’s Big Data Marketing Book. This idea map summarizes my takeaways from her book which revealed some areas of my business that need to be addressed. Highly recommend this book.

Biggerplate Unplugged Mind Map ConferenceOn March 20, 2014 Biggerplate Unplugged – The Mind Map Conference is happening in the USA for the first time. I am honored to be joining the speaker line-up for this inaugural event. I’ve been a Gold Partner with Biggerplate for two years, but this is my first opportunity to work with Founder Liam Hughes from the UK.

Biggerplate has one simple goal: To be the best source of mind mapping content and community in the world. As of today Biggerplate has 61,991 members and those members have viewed 6,300,661 mind maps. I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones at this event. I’m sure it will be a great time of learning and connecting for all in attendance.

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