This workshop has been recommended by WCA (Women’s Cultural Alliance). During this 3-hour interactive workshop, you will learn the fundamental skills needed for improving your memory, and applying these skills to your work and life. Read more or see the Memory Power Workshop Flier.

Through the power of association, the use of multiple senses, imagery, and fun you will master simple techniques to increase your memory and recall.

In fact, by the end of the session you will amaze yourself by remembering 20 items in order, a deck of 52 cards, names and faces, and counting to 100 in Chinese. After you amaze yourself with your new skills, you’ll discover business and life applications.

For more details see the Memory Power Agenda.

Note: You can register at The last day to cancel is November 9, 2023. You may send a substitute. Seating is limited to 45 participants. If this class fills, contact to be put on a waitlist for the next available workshop.

The Instructor

Join Jamie Nast for her time-tested workshop, and know that you will walk away more confident and excited about your memory power!

Jamie is the author of Idea Mapping (John Wiley & Sons, 2006). Since 1992, over 24,000 professionals have attended her workshops. For more information on Jamie, see her bio.

Revolutionize your ability to learn and remember more as you are guided through activities and advice from the experts!

Szymon Piotr Koscierzynski is the Chief Expert in the Climate Policy Unit in the City Hall of Warsaw, Poland. We met in 2012 when I was teaching Idea Mapping and MindManager for the Academy of Evaluation’s 5th group to go through this program. For more information on this program see the December 12, 2012 posting.

Last month Szymon and his colleague Ania were responsible for running the annual “Partnership for Climate” meeting where nearly 50 experts took part. This idea maps helped them plan and organize the meeting so they wouldn’t forget anything and could execute flawlessly! It also helped Szymon to briefly train a colleague in public speaking. As a result of the successful meeting Szymon received congratulations from his Director and the Director Coordinator of Green Warsaw.

More about the Partnership for Climate: The aim of the Partnership for Climate Platform is to carry out, together with its partners, comprehensive, innovative educational and promotional activities related to climate change issues, supporting the city’s drive towards climate neutrality. The Platform organises events of a diverse nature, including conferences, debates, and ecological campaigns to exchange experiences and raise public awareness of environmental and climate protection.

Partners of the “Partnership for Climate” include organizations and institutions representing a wide variety of environments, e.g. government and self-government administration units, embassies, NGOs and institutions for which Climate Protection is very important in their business. The partners show concern for the environment in their daily activities and, through their participation in the “Partnership for Climate”, demonstrate their commitment to nature conservation and building a sustainable city.

The main thematic areas in which the City of Warsaw will take action under the Partnership for Climate are energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, environmentally friendly transport and promotion of ecological lifestyles.

The objective of the Partnership for Climate platform is achieved by sharing the experience, knowledge, ideas, actions, resources of different actors towards a common goal – environmental and climate protection, mutual support of all partners in their activities towards the set goal, and joint implementation of specific projects.

While meeting people at the Fiddler’s Creek pool, if I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it 100 times — “I’m terrible at remembering names, so I may have to ask you several times before I remember.”

That became the motivation to dust off my Memory Power Workshop. My first class at Fiddler’s Creek will be January 30, 2023. Registration is now open for Fiddler’s Creek Members only at

See more details about this workshop in the above flier. The cost of this class is $59 per person.


ReadWriteMap Event Update

28 Nov 2020 In: Webinars

The Biggerplate ReadWriteMap event on November 17 was a huge success. All 9 presentations were recorded and ready for Pro members to review. During my session Graham Hughes interviewed me about using mind mapping or idea mapping in many ways to write my book, “Idea Mapping.” Here is that link.

This 14-hour conference will feature 9 guest speakers (including myself) and 10 webinars starting at 7:30am UK time on Nov 17, 2020. For $29.99 you get an annual Biggerplate PRO membership and access to all pre-recorded events. The speakers will be recorded for you to view post-conference if you choose. To register or for a rundown of speakers see or
My session will run from 10am – 11am EST, and I will be interviewed about how I used mind mapping to write my Idea Mapping book. Enjoy a day of webinars exploring the intersection of reading, writing, and mind mapping with expert speakers from around the world!

I’m Biggerplate Certified!

5 Aug 2020 In: Biggerplate

Biggerplate is now offering an independent validation of your mind mapping software skills. It’s an easy process and takes less than an hour. Biggerplate then sends you a badge you can put on social media or LinkedIn to tell everyone about your mind mapping software credentials.

Big Sale on Idea Mapping Kits!

14 Jul 2020 In: Idea Mapping Kit

Until we get through the pandemic Idea Mapping Kits are reduced from $99 to $59 if you contact me directly via email or at the bottom of the About Page. That’s a 40% discount! PayPal still lists the kits at $99.

KIT DESCRIPTION: This kit comes in a 7-1/16″ x 9-1/8″ 3-ring binder with 3/4″ rings and a Velcro closure. The spine width is 1-9/16″. (See more information)

The kit also includes:

–  10-color, fine-tip Staedtler Triplus® markers. These award-winning pens and case design are the best in the world and fit perfectly into the idea mapping kit’s custom-designed pocket!
–  Pad of 3-hole punched 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″ 67-pound quality paper
–  Business card slot
–  4-color pen with a black cushioned grip and secured by a pen loop
–  3-hole punched zipper case to store your miscellaneous items!
–  Back cover pocket for extra storage

Note: Postage will vary depending on the shipping location and method.

Here are two Idea Mapping examples used for vacation planning. The first one was actually created by me for a trip we took to Las Vegas. It was organized by day, which show we were seeing, times, and distance from the hotel.

The second Idea Map was created by one of my Boeing clients Tonya Deines. She was planning a trip to the Bahamas. Her map took a different approach. She included flight times, packing, scheduled events, and links to photos of their trip.

Next time you need to plan a trip try using an Idea Map to organize your getaway!

These Idea Mapping examples are from Dr. Tim Schweizer’s Principles of Management students. I have been blogging about Tim’s work with his students since October 2009 — shortly after he attended one of my Idea Mapping Workshops. Search this blog on “Luther College” for more examples. I will share more in the days that follow.

Tim has developed a solid process to successfully teach Idea Mapping to his students. Each semester Tim takes the first two class periods to teach this tool to his students. Their first assignment is to create a map with “Who Am I?” as the topic. You can see many of those examples on this blog. Their second assignment is a take home assignment to create an idea map on their topic of choice – something personally relevant. More of these here. Sometimes there is a  third assignment asking them to overview a business book and then capture their thoughts and reactions in an idea map. More of these here.

The first idea map in this posting is from Ben Harney about a cycling trip through Panama. Next idea map is from Elisabeth Athas. She used this tool to develop her character as a nurse in the show “A Thread in the Dark.” Next is a map from Claudia Calderon about Bolivia.  The last idea map is about training for a triathlon by Dan Anderson.

Sure wish I’d learned Idea Mapping when I was in college. Thank you Ben, Elisabeth, Dan and Claudia for sharing your maps!

Saturday January 25, 2020, Certified Idea Mapping with Mind Manager Instructor David Halverson will be teaching a 1-day Workshop through Bellevue College in Bellevue, WA. Class size is limited to 17 participants. Each participant needs to come to the workshop with their own laptop loaded with the trial version or latest version of MindManager. Instructors will be teaching the PC (not MAC) version of MindManager Download. Register at the Bellevue College link. If the class is already full, you will be placed on a waitlist and more classes will be scheduled.

With the Certificate of Completion issued by Bellevue College, Project Managers can apply to receive 7 PDU credits from the Project Management Institute. In addition participants will receive a full MindManager license after completion of the course. This value of $556 nearly offsets the $695 price of the course and breaks down as follows:

  •  A free full copy of MindManager valued at $349
  •  Three years of free annual upgrades valued at $207
  •  Three years of free customer support

For a complete description and information regarding additional public workshops and onsite organizational workshops see the Idea Mapping with MindManager Abstract.

Mindjet’s MindManager software helps business professionals achieve more by efficiently organizing and clearly communicating complex ideas and information. MindManager has had the vast majority of the Idea Mapping or Mind Mapping software market share for the past 10 years.

David had 30 years with Boeing, was the previous leader of the Boeing Mind Mapping Community of Practice, and a former Customer Success Manager for Mindjet, the developer of the MindManager tool.

Idea Mapping Blog

The purpose of this blog is to share idea mapping examples and related learning from my Idea Mapping, Memory, Speed Reading, and Certification Workshops. This blog is dedicated to my Certified Idea Mapping Instructors, my clients, Mind Mapping and Idea Mapping practitioners around the globe.




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