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I’m SO excited to share this idea map and story with you. The posting on December 16, 2006 briefly mentioned Jennifer’s map, but now you can see both the map and read the complete story in her own words. Two of Jennifer’s pre-workshop maps are also viewable on my website if you want to see […]

Jamie Nast will teach a 2-day Idea Mapping Workshop in Santa Barbara, CA on May 1&2, 2007 from 8:30am – 5:00pm both days. See a workshop abstract or register for this event today.

On May 3-4, 2007, Jamie Nast will be teaching the first open public Idea Mapping workshop at The House of Tan Yeok Nee Conference Center. This facility is the home of The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. Registration is now open to the first 42 participants. Registration will be closed once these 42 […]

An open public Idea Mapping Workshop has been added to Jamie’s 2007 travel schedule. The dates will be July 19-20, 2007. Registration is now open.

This fall I taught 2 workshops for Ford Motor Company. Now that the participants have had a chance to apply some of their learning, I’m beginning to receive some of their examples. If you go to and click on “Client Idea Maps”, you will find new maps by Mike Kline and Jennifer Webb. Both […]

Click here for photos and descriptions of the November 16, 2006 Idea Mapping workshop for the SLI. I’ll post photos of other workshops as they are available.

For anyone who wants to get a little Florida sunshine along with a great learning experience, there is still time to register for the Idea Mapping workshop that will be taught next week by Jamie Nast. Go to to register. The workshop comes with an Idea Mapping Kit, the Idea Mapping book by Jamie […]

On November 20 & 21, 17 new Ford Motor IT employees went through the Idea Mapping Workshop. It was an outstanding group of learners that I am confident will use their new skills to make a significant impact at Ford. I hope to put some of their work up on the website as these participants […]

Saline Leadership Institute (SLI)

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Each year since 1998, the SLI out of Saline, Michigan invites a group of 25-35 key individuals from the community to participate in a 9-month advanced and innovative leadership program. Attendees are leaders from local government, businesses, schools, and healthcare backgrounds. They kick off with a retreat and then meet for a day once a […]

On October 30 & 31 a new group of Ford IT professionals went through the 2-day Idea Mapping Workshop. For those of you who are familiar with the content — you should have seen their portrait drawings. They were amazing! I’ll try to put a few examples on this blog when I get them.

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The purpose of this blog is to share idea mapping examples and related learning from my Idea Mapping, Memory, Speed Reading, and Certification Workshops. This blog is dedicated to my Certified Idea Mapping Instructors, my clients, Mind Mapping and Idea Mapping practitioners around the globe.




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