132 Attended Live NIH Idea Mapping SessionNast Teaches Idea Mapping or Mind Mapping at NIHLast week 392 NIH employees attended my Idea Mapping Workshop for their quarterly DDM Seminar Series. CFO and Deputy Director for Management (Colleen Barros) introduced me once again. I previously taught another part of her organization in October of 2012. It was an honor to be invited back a second time and to be counted among other well-known names like Daniel Pink (just to name one of my favorites).

132 attended the live session in the auditorium and an additional 260 participated via video-cast.

In the afternoon I had the opportunity to speak with a smaller subset of this group for a time of Q & A. Each person in attendance committed to using Idea Mapping for a specific application of their choice.

On July 22 we are going to have a Yam Jam to follow-up with these 392 folks to see how they have used idea mapping in the last 4 weeks. Will share some of those non-proprietary examples on this blog.