Some of you may be wondering why this blog includes an emphasis on memory. There is such a strong tie between Idea Mapping and memory, that I’m going to do a special webinar (hosted by Mindjet) on June 5, 2007 around this topic. I’ll send out more details on that when the links are ready to receive enrolments. I’ve also taught specific memory workshops to corporations like BP. They in turn can apply these skills to their work and life. Here’s some more memory info:

On April 17, 2007 HD Net TV will air the recent USA Memory Championships. Scott Hagwood (4-time USA Champion and USA’s first Grand Master of Memory) will be doing part of the hosting for the event, the color commentary, making predictions, giving advice, etc. If I get a clearer idea of the time, I will post it in a future blog.

If you want to see some photos of these mental athletes in the March competition, click here.