Matt McKibben shares one of his hand-drawn idea maps this time around. Matt is the Program Services Director for an organization in Tallahassee, FL called Communities in Schools of Florida (CISFL) and was featured in the February 25 and March 1, 2008 postings.


This map is from one of his CIS staff meetings. Notice how different this map is from his previous maps. I think it is fascinating to see both styles from people. Also notice how he highlights who is responsible for the various team tasks. Go to my website to see the pdf version of this map if you want a larger view. If you click on any column within “Client Maps” it will sort alphabetically and you can then search by author (Matt McKibbin) or title (CIS Staff Meeting) of the map. While you are there you can see nearly 150 other idea maps!

Hint: When learning to create “real-time” idea maps, one of the safest and easiest applications is to create a map of a meeting. Generally the information comes at you slow enough, and usually you are familiar with most of the content. Give it a try!