Larisa Brigevich is the Director of the Global Research Library at Franklin Templeton. In April 2008 she completed the 5-day Idea Mapping Certification workshop. Her first contribution to this blog was January 7, 2008 and she has had several since then. I’ll let her explain how she used idea mapping and MindManager to manage this large project. Larisa’s map is quite complex, so you will need to double-click on it to have a better view. If you would like the original MindManager map, send and email to For those that don’t have MindManager, the full pdf version is available on my website. Thanks Larisa!

“This map is a visual summary of the library team’s 2008 mid-year accomplishments. In the pre-idea mapping past, I’d put this summary in an Excel spreadsheet, ranging between 3 and 5 pages, with information organized by corporate objectives. This time, I’ve created an idea map instead. I enjoyed working on it more than working on a spreadsheet. Using images to substantiate key concepts such as “raising the bar” made the process more fun.

From the business view point, presenting our numerous accomplishments in a visual format on a single page makes it easier for both, the team and senior management to review (and admire our success :-)). In fact, when I showed the map to the team, the first reaction was “we had no idea how much we’d done during this period”. Of course, with a map it is easier to draw connections b/w various activities and add supporting documentations as attachments.

At the top of the map I included corporate priorities, marking them with numbers from one to four. I wanted to attach these numbers or their combinations as images next to various activities/initiatives to link them to corporate priorities.”

This map is featured in today’s Mindjet Monthly Newsletter.