gordon-kranick-boeing-portrait-4-28-09-workshopIn April of 2009 I taught two Idea Mapping Workshops at Boeing. A few days ago I received an email from Gordon Kranick with this portrait attached. Here was Gordon’s message to me:

“Tired aerospace engineer finishes art project for rejuvenation 2.5 months later!  Your class was on 4/28 and I found the half finished sketch this past Sunday while at my desk at work, working on a term paper for school. So a 2.5 month delay is a good note to encourage your students to keep the dream alive and don’t lose their sketches. Finishing my sketching got me sidetracked and I took a peek at local artist http://www.jenniferbowman.com. She does classes in the area and I thought it would be fun to go to a class with my son.”

Gordon – You did a fabulous job on this sketch and how cool would it be to take a class with your son! Congrats! To learn more about the purpose of this activity see the first portrait drawing that went up on this blog in June 2007.