Michael Panebiance - Defusing

ABLE Training Systems, LLC (founded by Michael Panebianco) is dedicated to bringing conflict, confidence, and communications training to life. I met Mike when he attended one of my Idea Mapping Workshops in december of 2007.

Mike creates training experiences that build strategies and tactics for coping with conflict.  From mental awareness, to emotional conditioning, to physical tactics, we cover the several dimensions of internal and interpersonal conflict. The format of his training can be in conversational, facilitated seminars, light contact learning seminars, or full contact-full range conflict training workshops. I’ll let Mike tell you the rest:
“My little inside joke is calling it clash college.  The actual name of the curriculum is Resiliency Path Training, and it dives deep into self confidence, fear management, and behavioral models in dealing with violence and conflict.  Any way you look at disagreeable challenges, I break it down to a training model.  We train the mental process of argument, fear, and anger.  We use emotional conditioning tactics to help you weather the caustic reality of mental, or physical violence.  We coach individuals through a physical self defense system to help them survive the worst case scenario of actual physical violence.  It is the most holistic approach to conflict management and resolution that I have seen offered.

The goal is to create capacity in the participants today, right away.  Too many times I have seen a system that can work for you after years and years of practice, or revisiting the system for add on seminars.  My intent is to have you better in the arena you live in the minute you walk out the door.  Life doesn’t wait for you to practice.
I am beginning a weekly class on Wednesday, October 28th in Daytona Beach.  We will be dissecting conflict scenarios and training Detecting, Defusing, and Defending against violent scenarios.

I am offering the Resiliency Path Training seminar, in all of its forms to corporations and groups immediately.  Anyone interested can contact me directly at mike(at)ablecoaching(dot)com for more info.  Multiple levels of activities are available for any ability or interest level. You can also see http://www.ablecoaching.com or send Mike a tweet at http://twitter.com/mikepanebianco.”

Finally, Michael’s been a contributor to this blog in the past. According to Mike this particular map is more big picture, but breaks down the “Defuse” model of de-escalation.  At the bottom is the big picture topic map, with perspective of where the “Defuse” falls in the course.  Defuse is represented in primary detail, and an exercise is at the top as a floating topic.

Michael is highly qualified and has combined the concepts of Personal Safety, Cockpit Resource Management, and Personal Resiliency training to build a hands-on, activity based learning experience for his clients.