In December 2009 I taught a public Idea Mapping Workshop in Palm Beach, FL. One of the participants was Larry Waxman who is the President of Waxman Industries. He taught Idea Mapping to his daughter and then introduced me to her. This is the first Idea Map on this blog from Avigayil Waxman who is a senior in high school. I’ll let her describe her map:
Avigayil Waxman - Health
“Health is in the center of my mind map because not only is it that name of the subject I am attending but it truly is the central theme of everything on this map. It starts you may say, by the red “why not’s” because people have a tendency to overlook their personal needs causing them an unhealthy lifestyle and these are some reasons for it.
Moving forward or upward towards holistic approach, I wrote the definition with branches surrounding it and in small letters a way to remember the definition by drawing branches of a tree. The branches of a tree are all connected and effects each other, so does all aspects in your health. I wrote about healthy behaviors, stress and distress… Under stress I have the General Adaptation Syndrome that was difficult for me to understand in class, but on this map you really see the ripple effect of it, what serious stress can do to a body physically. Idea Mapping is a way to clarify what teachers push in your heads in a short elapsed time and really understand the overall meaning of what you are learning. I am really happy I was introduced to this. I’ll hopefully continue this on in college…”
Many thanks to Avigayil for sharing this! She told me she would share more, so look for her in future postings.