April Scarlett Idea Map

I met April Scarlett in November of 2009 while teaching an Idea Mapping Workshop for the 11th year in a row for the Saline Leadership Institute (SLI) in Saline, Michigan. She caught onto Idea Mapping at lightening speed. This is her first example she is sharing on this blog. Below she describes her Idea Map in her own words. Thanks April!

“My Idea Map is a place where I can see and actively refer to all of the different aspects of my writing business, ASW—April Scarlett Writes.  Part of the map, my blogs for example, are already up and running so it keeps me focused as to the content for each blog and how I want to promote them.  Things not quite ready yet, like podcasting for instance, are constantly visible so I know to keep on task until they too, are operational.  This one page keeps track of my book manuscripts, my professional/commercial writing website, a list of my mentors/teachers and possibilities to brand myself in the future.  It inspires me everyday to keep on keep’in on, and stay focused for success! There will be offshoots of this maps, as projects grow larger.  I would love it if I could fill an entire office wall with my idea maps, a constant reminder of how far I’ve come.”

April Scarlett is a freelance writer. she writes features, does some reporting, writes juvenile fiction and non-fiction, and lots of business copy. You can learn more about April at aprilscarlettwrites.blogspot.com, aprilscarlettmotherboard.blogspot.com, fromherdesk.com, and successfulwomenweekly.com.