Amazon Canada Ranking for Idea Mapping April 6, 2010

Statistics fascinate me. The Idea Mapping book has been out since September of 2006 and it has been interesting to watch the sales trends on Amazon. It started out rather slow because who has ever heard of Idea Mapping or Mind Mapping? Only a small segment of the population even uses it. However with the power of visual thinking and visual communication becoming more understood in the business world, and the use of mapping software products like MindManager — Idea Mapping has taken off.

Normally the life cycle of a book starts strong and then slowly fades. We are seeing just the opposite with the Idea Mapping book. Word of mouth and the demand for workshops have made the sales of this book actually increase over time. Amazon is certainly not the only measure of a book’s success, but it is at least one barometer. Of all of the countries where Amazon has a presence, the Idea Mapping book has been ranked the highest in Canada for quite some time now. I don’t know why, but just for fun I snagged today’s ranking in Canada which is 1,602. If you have not tried Idea Mapping yet, I might suggest purchasing a copy from Amazon in Canada or the USA.