Ryan Bouslog - Idea Map or Mind Map of Deciding on Spring Break Plans

Teresa Procter - Idea Map or Mind Map of Summer PlansIdea Mapping helps two more Luther College students. The first posting for this Spring’s Idea Mapping Experiment at Luther College was May 19 where there is more background. Now get ready for Part 7!

Dr. Tim Schweizer spent one 60-minute class teaching them the concepts and guidelines of Idea Mapping. They read chapters 2-5 of the Idea Mapping book, and then spent a second 60-minute class practicing and applying their new skills.

Their assignment was to create an idea map that would be relevant to them either personally, professionally, or academically. He gave them several topic suggestions and allowed for either hand drawn or computer generated maps.

Above you will find Idea Maps #255 & #256. The top one was created by Ryan Bouslog who was trying to determine where he should spend his Spring Break. You can see that he selected four possibilities and then captured the Pros and Cons of each choice. The second one is from Teresa Procter. This idea map outlines her plans for the summer of 2010.  Thank you for sharing these!

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