Shelby Eaton-Chemistry Idea Map

Idea Mapping has been helping Luther College students since the fall 2009 semester. This is the first example from the fall 2010 classes. You can search on this blog for “Luther College” to find over 25 other examples from last school years’ students.

Again Dr. Tim Schweizer spent one 60-minute class teaching them the concepts and guidelines of Idea Mapping. They read chapters 2-5 of the Idea Mapping book, and then spent a second 60-minute class practicing and applying their new skills.

Their assignment was to create an idea map that would be relevant to them either personally, professionally, or academically. He gave them several topic suggestions and allowed for either hand drawn or computer generated maps.

Above you will find Idea Map #262. It was created by Shelby Eaton about one of her chemistry lessons.  Here’s what she said about this Idea Map:

“When I made this idea map, we had just started some basic chemistry guidelines that I was having trouble memorizing and keeping straight.  By creating an idea map for this material, it really made me sit down and figure out all of the different rules that I had been having trouble with, which considerably helped.  I have been tested over this material, and I found that section on the test to be quite easy.”

Thank you for sharing this Shelby!