Mallory Bazan - Idea Map or Mind Map of Free Prize Inside

Sam Meyers - Idea Map or Mind Map of Expert Thinking

Matt Moen - Idea Map or Mind Map of Expanding our ThinkingIn the October 23, 2009 posting I first introduced readers of this blog to Dr. Tim Schweizer from Luther College in Decorah, IA. He attended one of my public Idea Mapping workshops in August of 2009 and has been experimenting using Idea Mapping with his college students in a variety of ways ever since. Search this blog on his name or “Luther College” and you will find many, many idea mapping examples from his students and some of his examples as well.

Today he is sharing 3 examples that were maps created in about 15 minutes. The students read a book for 35-40 minutes, then mapped what they remembered. It was not supposed to be an outline. They read for fun, then mapped. This shows a visual overview of what they could recall when reading for a rather short period of time.

The top example from Mallory Bazan is from the book Free Prize Inside by Seth Godin. The second example from Sam Meyers is an overview of a reading from Expert Thinking by Kenneth Gilhooly and Robert Hoffman. The third idea map summarizes Matt Moen‘s reading from The Necessary Revolution by Peter Senge, Bryan Smith, Nina Kruschwitz, Joe Laur and Sar Schley. Matt titled his Idea Map “Expanding Our Thinking.”

Dr. Schweizer sent me quite a few more examples that I will share over the upcoming weeks.