Anna's 7 Habits Summary in MindManager

7 Habits Summary in MindManagerThis standard activity in my Idea Mapping Workshops takes a different twist during my annual workshop in Poland. Normally each participant reads an article summarizing Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and then draws an idea map showing the key ideas from the document. The purpose of this activity is two-fold:

1. To practice taking concepts/phrases and boiling them into key words.

2. To show how different each participants’ maps can be on the same topic.

Because the Poland workshops have a strong focus on learning Mindjet’s MindManager, I have them create this map in the software rather than drawing it by hand. Above are two examples from this class.

To see hand drawn examples from other workshops search on, “Did We Read the Same Article?” or the most recent post on this topic is here.