Michael & Bettina JetterMindjet Founders, Mike and Bettina Jetter, have created a new Web 2.0 Life Coaching application Coaching Sanctuary. Putting a technological twist on tradition, Coaching Sanctuary brings life coaching online through innovative design and interactive technology for coaches and end-users. It is designed for Life Coaches, their clients and YOU!

Coaching Sanctuary is like no other online space. It provides a safe place for its members to be inspired by a unique collection of personal growth tools: journal, vision board, community board, practice notebook, and personal tracking tools, as well as an incredibly motivating self-guided coaching program.

I have known Mike and Bettina since somewhere around 1998 and I can’t think of two better people to lead a coaching community. To learn more about their journey you may want to read their book titled The Cancer Code.

You can also find Coaching Sanctuary on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.