Jim Lauria - Future Trends in Urban Water TreatmentMeet Jim Lauria – V.P. of Marketing and Business Development for Amiad Filtration Systems.

He has been using mind maps for over ten years, first creating them by hand and then for the last seven years using MindManager.  Three years ago he joined Amiad and declared that he would become a thought leader in the water industry. This has now become a reality in large part due to mind mapping. Jim states:

“I have read all the current books on water issues and have mind mapped the highlights. After completion I use these maps as resource material for the articles I publish.  As you can see from the link on the Mindjet site we have been recognized through a case study that shows how our articles have been composed using MindManager.

In the past year we have gotten cover stories in four water trade magazines.  I was even given my own blog on water issues on the Huffington Post by Arianna Huffington.   I also use mind mapping to create presentations for the many water conferences where I speak.

This mind map that I created ultimately became a cover story for Water Online’s print edition for the largest wastewater conference in the world — WEFTEC. I find one of the benefits of using Mind Manager is that the map becomes a living document that can be updated on a regular basis to track the outcomes for each individual map.”

The map that Jim shared had to be collapsed due to size. The images inside deeper parts of this file are very nice. If you want the original MindManager version I’m happy to email it to you.