Alla Makoveeva - The Art of Innovation

David Fares - The Big SwitchThe very first posting about this experiment with Luther College students was on October 23, 2009. (You can get some background there.) Dr. Tim Schweizer (who took my Idea Mapping workshop in August 2009) led the experiment.  Every semester since then Tim has taught Idea Mapping to his Principles of Management students at the beginning of each semester. Each student reads the first 5 chapters of my Idea Mapping book and then Tim teaches them the “how to’s.”

During one of the activities the students randomly pick one book from the box of books pre-selected by Tim and then read. After 40 minutes of reading they have 15 minutes to map their thoughts. The instructions were that the idea maps were not supposed to be summaries, but they would be reflection pieces on the reading.

So today I’m sharing two Idea Maps from students who attended the Spring semester. The first one was created by Alla Makoveeva on the book “The Art of Innovation” by Tom Kelley, Jonathan Littman and Tom Peters. The second example was done by David Fares on the book “The Big Switch” by Nicholas Carr. Thanks to both for sharing.

To see more examples from these students search this blog for “Luther College.”