Bible Idea Map - Stephen Barber Bible Idea Map - Will Watkins
Bible Idea Map - Nick Karwowski Bible Idea Map - Julie Mavin
Bible Idea Map - Jackie Letarte Bible Idea Map - Garrett Packer
Bible Idea Map - Brandon Crew Bible Idea Map 2
Bible Idea Map 1 Bible Idea Map - Laura Wilson

On October 17, 2011 I first introduced Kris Mavin who is the Senior Pastor for a church here in Michigan called “The Cause”, but also teaches two classes at West Highland Christian Academy (WHCA) where his children attend school. The name of one of the classes Kris teaches is “Misseo Dei” (God’s Mission). You can read more about that in the previous posting.

Kris has 11 students in this class — 7 high school juniors and 4 seniors. He took the first several weeks at the beginning of the school year to provide them with some in-depth teaching on using idea mapping for their studies. Now they are applying idea mapping to the curriculum. Idea Mapping will be a valuable skill for these students for both school, work, and life.

The idea maps I’m sharing with you today are from their very first assignment from Kris which was to simply do a map of the Bible. Some of the students don’t have their names on their maps, but future assignments will contain all their names. Many thanks to the students at WHCA. You may also view these idea maps in this cool Animoto picture/video slideshow.