Joel Gasway - Sociology Idea MapCaroline Mares - Future Idea MapDevin Gilbertson - Chemistry Study Options Idea MapEric Johnson - US Military Future Idea Map

If you have been following my postings about Dr. Tim Schweizer and his management students at Luther College, you will enjoy 4 more examples from his Fall 2011 class.  I have been following Tim’s work since October 2009 — shortly after he attended one of my Idea Mapping Workshops.

Tim has developed a solid process to successfully teach Idea Mapping to his students. Tim takes the first two class periods to teach Idea Mapping to his students.

The first idea mapping example was created by Joel Gasway to study for his sociology class. The second example is from Caroline Mares on the topic of her future. Next we have Devin Gilbertson who used Idea Mapping to study for his chemistry class. The final example is from Eric Johnson who used Idea Mapping to plan for his military career. The January 6, 2012 posting has more examples from this class of students.

Thank you Dr. Schweizer’s Luther College students Joel Gasway, Caroline Mares, Devin Gilbertson, and Eric Johnson for sharing your idea maps.