This is the 7th set of Idea Mapping examples from Dr. Tim Schweizer’s Spring 2012 students. I have been following Tim’s work since October 2009 — shortly after he attended one of my Idea Mapping Workshops. Search this blog on “Luther College” for more examples.

Tim has developed a solid process to successfully teach Idea Mapping to his students. Tim takes the first two class periods to teach this tool to his students. Their first assignment is to create a map with “Who Am I?” as the topic. You can see many of those examples on this blog. Their second assignment is a take home assignment to create an idea map on their topic of choice. These examples are from this second assignment. The first one is about Kendra Moser’s trip to Ecuador, the second is Kelsey Krall’s wedding plans, third is Katie Gaudian’s note from chapter 3 of her history class and lastly is Kat Block’s plans for her future. More of these here.

Sure wish I’d learned Idea Mapping when I was in college. Thank you Kendra Moser, Kelsey Krall, Katie Gaudian and Kat Block for sharing your maps!