Gregg Stokes - DualCoreMindMapWhen Intel asked Clarity Creative Group in Las Vegas, Nevada, to help introduce its new microprocessor architecture to the market, Partner and Executive Art Director Gregg Stokes and his team used this idea map to focus on the complex product’s key benefits: increased computing power and efficiency derived from putting dual “cores” onto a single chip.

Stokes’s map distilled hours of meetings, pages of notes, and large quantities of information into a colorful, single-page idea map that summarized the project at a glance. It ultimately served as the basis for an animated, 3-D presentation that energized and educated the client’s internal sales force on how the new technology could be marketed to its customers.

“I have used idea maps countless times to summarize technical details for projects that need to be organized and structured,” says Stokes. For many clients, he says, “the idea map is the first time they see the project as a structured whole instead of as pieces and parts.”

This idea map is also one of the examples that I shared in my Idea Mapping book.