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In recent webinars and workshops I’ve mentioned a book that is nothing but symbols that you can draw into your idea maps. It’s the Widget Rebus Symbols Glossary. It’s not sold on Amazon, and I forgot how hard it was to find. I found it from david(at)teachgrid(dot)com. Above is a branch from the recommended reading […]

Adding images to your idea maps enhances memory, makes them more interesting, and often times a single picture can communicate more information than many words. However based on my experience teaching the Idea Mapping Workshop to business professionals, many adults have convinced themselves that they cannot draw. If you are among those sharing that belief, […]

Joining me for the workshop in Toronto was CIMI (Certified Idea Mapping Instructor) Debbie Showler from Whitby, Ontario. During this activity participants test their new drawing skill out by creating a cartoon face from a host of examples. Silly girl!

This week I taught two Idea Mapping Workshops at a large automotive company in southeastern Michigan. There are now 44 new idea mappers. Thought you might enjoy a few of the photos. I especially like Coleen’s name tent. See if you can find it in these pictures.

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