glenn-stennes-client-training-needsThis Idea Map was created by Glenn Stennes during a brainstorming session to identify 2007 training needs of companies supported by an international donor funded assistance program. The initial map was created in real-time while projected on a screen for all participants to see. Imagery was added during pauses which helped stimulate the flow of ideas. Following the meeting, some additional formatting was done. The map was then exported to a pdf and sent to all participants. The information recorded on the map formed the basis for developing the project training plan. You can see a clearer pdf version of this map on my website. If you click on any column it will sort the maps alphabetically and you can then search by author or title, etc.

Glenn Stennes is a Business Consultant presently living and working in South East Europe and a MindManager user since 2004. Last April he attended the 2-day Idea Mapping workshop in the UK taught by Vanda North. Glenn shared that applying the fundamentals taught during the workshop while using MindManager has helped make a good tool a great tool!