The number of images in this posting got a little long because of teaching two 2-day Idea Mapping Workshops back-to-back in Toronto at Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan. I’ll briefly summarize the photos from top down. The first part of the day starts out by testing participants’ belief systems around learning a new skill — in this case juggling. They were one of the best groups I’ve ever had (tied with the previous week at Boeing). The next picture — Each time they create an idea map participants partner up with someone different so that they can learn from each other. Next picture — Many business people want to know how idea mapping works in groups, so this is the first of two activities where they get to practice. Next is the final version of this group’s map. Last picture — Toys bring such fun and joy to the learning experience, but you never know what you’ll find them doing. Gumby is showing off his strength!

It was an exceptionally bright group of learners, and in the next posting (probably Monday) I will introduce you to a game they invented called “Nerf Gun Baseball” with photos!