idea-mapping-book-in-japanese-2A few weeks ago I received a package from Wiley (my book publisher). When I opened it there were 6 copies of the Japanese translation of the book, and 6 of another translation that I couldn’t read. I started going through the translations that I was aware of Bulgarian, Serbian, Korean — no it couldn’t be any of those. Unbeknownst to me it had been translated into Russian and it came out in August of 2008. What a surprise!

It’s so fun to see how the different publishers approach the translation. These are the only two translations I currently have copies of in addition to the original. The Russian publisher (EKSMO) went into detail and translated everything — even the hand-drawn maps. The Japanese publisher translated the maps involving any instruction in the first 4 chapters and each chapter summary. In the front part of the book they did a beautiful job adding large color versions of all the examples from 21 professionals around the globe. the cover is really cool too! Go to Amazon to purchase your copy of Idea Mapping in English or to for the Japanese version. Thanks to Alexander for providing the link to purchase the Russian translation in the comments of this post.