casey-taylor-1casey-taylor-3I was looking through some of my idea mapping examples that had been created by students and realized that I had not shared these examples previously. They date back to April of 2005 when I taught a workshop for 126 business owners who were part of an organization called “Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence” which is sponsored by the University of Pittsburgh.

It happened to be “Bring Your Daughter to Work Day”, so an eighth-grader joined her mom for this Idea Mapping Workshop. She was a quick learner, and created a couple of these idea maps during some of the activities, and finished the final one up at home. The top mind map is the instructions for an assignment she was given to deliver an oral report. The second example shows some of the research and information gathering for her oral exam on an organism. The third map is her actual script and the visuals she wanted to include in this presentation.