In the previous posting I shared some name tents created by participants in the 2-day public Idea Mapping Workshop I taught two weeks ago. Since no one was able to successfully guess the names I’ll tell you.

The first name was Carol Ann. She had a bunch of Christmas carols minus the “s” followed by an and sign “+” minus the “d” in the word “and”. The second name was Chris. He used binary digits to represent each letter of his name. Lastly was Brian. The trick in his name is getting that the last letterin his name is after “m” or the letter “n”.

To Do 1

To Do 2

To Do 3

These idea mapping examples are from one of the activities from the first day of the course in Murfreesboro. Participants were asked to create a “to do idea map” instead of a “to do list”. This may seem simple, but by starting new idea mappers out with simple content they are familiar with combined with a new process — they can have incremental success without being overwhelmed.