For the second year in a row I had a wonderful experience in Warsaw, Poland teaching Idea Mapping and MindManager software to some of the highest ranking leaders of Poland’s public sector. I was invited to come to Warsaw by Dr. Karol Olejniczak who is an Assistant Professor at the  University of Warsaw. He runs a program called EUROREG — an Academy of Evaluation which is financed and sponsored by Polish Ministry of Regional Development and the European Union.

Here are a few photos from the first day of class where they applied a learning model to learn to juggle, had and introduction to idea mapping and got started with MindManager. Last photo is of my favorite landmark in Warsaw as I walked back to the hotel.

GregoryWarsaw Idea Mapping 2009 - Juggling 1Warsaw Idea Mapping 2009 - Juggling 2Warsaw Idea Mapping 2009 - Juggling 3Warsaw Idea Mapping 2009 - Juggling 4Warsaw Idea Mapping 2009 - Playdoh 1Warsaw Idea Mapping 2009 - Walking to Hotel