Boeing Engineer's Learn to Juggle

Boeing Aircraft Etch a Sketch

Idea Mapping Activity at Boeing

Michael's Portrait Drawing

Mrs Potato Head Has a New Hairdo

I still have so many Idea Mapping Workshop photos to share from the various workshops I’ve taught around the globe. So today I’m going to share some new ones from a workshop at Boeing.

The top photo shows engineers and other professionals attempting to juggle. The purpose of this activity is teach participants a skill they think impossible by using a learning model that breaks the learning into small manageable pieces that build incrementally.

Photo #2: As you can see there are lots of toys sprinkled out on the tables. This helps create a fun and playful learning environment which increases memory and creates a whole-brain experience. This clever Boeing attendee drew an aircraft with the Etch A Sketch.

Photo #3: These gentlemen are practicing their Idea Mapping skills through this activity.

Photo #4: This portrait was drawn by Michael. Again the intent of this activity is not to make artists, but rather to put people into learning situations they think impossible.  Using a learning model I show them so basic techniques to breaking this daunting task into manageable pieces.

Photo #5: People come up with some of the craziest ways to dress Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head!

A good time was had by all.