I’ve been following Melinda Dang since my first posting about her in the fall of 2008 when she was a junior in high school. Since then Melinda has contributed numerous idea maps to this blog on topics like using Idea Maps to study for AP Physics, Spanish, studying for the SAT’s and other subjects. She is now at Bellevue College near Seattle, WA.

She has made a plan for idea mapping throughout this 2013 quarter to help her study and organize her homework. Get ready to see the results of Melinda’s new plan!

Melinda says, “So I’ve found that this app called “Jotter” lets me draw mind maps on my iPad with my stylus relatively easily and quickly because the features are minimal but they work to the point where I can get what I want. The only downside is the color spectrum is limited (but it’s enough unless you want 20+ colors) and it won’t convert to PDF for easy sharing. SO! I have a separate app called “To PDF” that converts the saved maps in my camera roll to PDF which can be linked to my drop box or opened in other apps etc.

As for my paper notes, I’ll scan them daily and if necessary create a mind map summary. But if not, I’ll merge all the pdf’s weekly so I have weekly reviews before the finals! Hopefully this saves time and makes me remember things better!