I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard thousands of people tell me they wish they could get their boss or colleagues to use mind mapping. Yet many people aren’t confident on just how to introduce this tool to others in a way that would inspire them to use mind mapping or idea mapping.

On November 1, 2017 I’ll (Jamie Nast) be sharing a webinar for Biggerplate’s Business Club on just how to go about delivering that introduction to mind mapping.

During this session you will get some background on why mind mapping is an effective tool, how the brain processes information in an associative way, how to build a mind map, the purpose of color and imagery, and some examples from mappers from around the globe.

Register for this Biggerplate Business Club webinar.  Use promo code JAMIE10 (case sensitive) to receive a $10 discount on Biggerplate’s Business Club. Regular price is $29, but with this code you only pay $19.

Sign up now for this webinar to get a better idea of how to ‘preach to the unconverted’, so to speak!

Jamie Nast has designed a 1-day instructor led workshop titled, “Idea Mapping with MindManager.” This new introductory course will be offered both publicly and organizationally. It will debut this fall in Northville, Michigan and the Seattle area.

Meet the Instructors:

Jamie Nast (bio) – Author of Idea Mapping, Founder of NastGroup, Inc., Creator and Master Trainer for Idea Mapping: A Learning Workshop (taught nearly 24,000 professionals around the globe), and Creator and Master Trainer for Idea Mapping with MindManager

David Halverson (bio) — Project manager, business analyst, founder and previous leader of the Boeing Mind Mapping Interest Group (over 600 members), Master Trainer for Idea Mapping with MindManager, Master Trainer for our new upcoming
course Project Management with MindManager

These two have been collaborating since 2008 when Jamie first introduced her Idea Mapping Workshop to Boeing.

Just like Jamie’s 2-day Idea Mapping Workshops, this fun learning experience will be highly interactive to enable learners maximum engagement. Participants will work on actual applications they can use going forward and will walk out of the classroom comfortable using MindManager.

Find upcoming Idea Mapping with MindManager Workshop dates and locations as well as the full course abstract. Organizations interested in onsite training classes can contact Jamie Nast.

YouTube Direkt Here is a slide show of some photos from the two Idea Mapping Workshops I taught at Boeing in April 2016.

Last month I taught a public Idea Mapping Workshop in Northville, MI. Afterwards I got this thank you card from 3 members of the Booth family. I’ll translate: Dear Jamie, T(h)ank you for Map, Think, Creativity, Memorize, Learn, Organize & Draw. Love, Doris, Joel & Luke

Got a kick out of their group effort and fun imagery. I’ve also included a couple of other pics from our two fun-filled days of learning.

Introducing Biggerplate’s Business Club

13 Jul 2017 In: Biggerplate

Use promo code JAMIE10 (case sensitive) to receive a $10 discount on Biggerplate’s Business Club. Regular price is $29, but with this code you only pay $19.

If you are not familiar with Biggerplate, it was founded by Liam Hughes in 2008 with one simple goal: To become the global home of mind mapping.

Their mission is to encourage and enable wider adoption of mind mapping or idea mapping around the world, by showcasing how real people are using mind maps to improve their working and learning. They do this by providing the largest mind map library and community on the globe. Biggerplate (as of today) has 131,764 members (membership is free) and they have had 19,368,222 views of the mind maps that the community has uploaded onto their site.

Recently Biggerplate has introduce their Business Club that has the following benefits:

  • Image Packs to super-charge your maps
  • Regularly scheduled webinars focused on the uses of mind mapping in business including an archive of on-demand stuff
  • A selection of the best mind map templates and content for business users
  • Exclusive discounts on products, services and events from Biggerplate and their software partners

Take advantage of this offer today. Use promo code JAMIE10 (case sensitive) to receive a $10 discount on Biggerplate’s Business Club. This discount will apply for as long as you are a member.

Author Jamie Nast will be teaching a public Idea Mapping Workshop August 15-16 2017. The location for this 2-day course is:

Northville Square
133 W. Main Street
Northville, MI 48167

Seating is limited to 20 people. Here is the course abstract and registration information.

Author Jamie Nast will be teaching a public Idea Mapping Workshop June 13-14, 2017 in Northville, Michigan. Seating is limited to 20 people. Here is the course abstract and registration information.

Daniel Pink Meets Kevin Nast

24 Feb 2017 In: Books

One of my all-time favorite books is “A Whole New Mind” written by best-selling author Daniel Pink. I created an idea map of this book and sent it to Daniel when I first read his book. He kindly replied. A few years later I discovered that one of my high school friends Carol Ross went to Northwestern University with Daniel. She surprised me with an autographed copy of his book “Drive” following an event she had sponsored with Daniel as a speaker.

Today my husband Kevin Nast is getting some advanced training at AssetMark and Daniel Pink was the guest speaker. Kevin had Daniel autograph my copy of his book “To Sell is Human”.


10 Feb 2017 In: Idea Mapping Example

My dear friend Rania Hijazeen sent this to me, and I couldn’t resist posting it for all you idea mappers and mind mappers out there!

I was introduced to Mind Mapping through one of the first Mind Matters Workshops taught at EDS back in February of 1992. My fellow Leadership Development colleague (Randy Raines) was the instructor. I was so impacted by the class that I soon became an instructor for the course myself.

In June of that same year Randy and I headed to Whitby, Ontario to teach the 2-day Mind Matters Workshop at another EDS location. We enjoyed our usual dinner at Shrimp Cocktail  and had Debbie Showler in one of our workshops – who also became an instructor for the course later that year.

Dave Gunby was also one of the original EDS Mind Matters instructors and was based out of Plano, Texas. Dave started his own company in 1997 and is still teaching Idea Mapping among other things. Kim Cordes joined the instructor team from Lansing Michigan and later started her own company called Blooming Brains.

I ran across this old photo from probably 20+ years ago when the 5 of us were all able to be together for the first and only time in Palm Beach, FL. It brought back fond memories of our time together and also with Vanda North – our mentor.

Left to right: Dave Gunby, Debbie Showler, Kim Cordes, Jamie Nast, Randy Raines

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