I was introduced to Mind Mapping through one of the first Mind Matters Workshops taught at EDS back in February of 1992. My fellow Leadership Development colleague (Randy Raines) was the instructor. I was so impacted by the class that I soon became an instructor for the course myself.

In June of that same year Randy and I headed to Whitby, Ontario to teach the 2-day Mind Matters Workshop at another EDS location. We enjoyed our usual dinner at Shrimp Cocktail  and had Debbie Showler in one of our workshops – who also became an instructor for the course later that year.

Dave Gunby was also one of the original EDS Mind Matters instructors and was based out of Plano, Texas. Dave started his own company in 1997 and is still teaching Idea Mapping among other things. Kim Cordes joined the instructor team from Lansing Michigan and later started her own company called Blooming Brains.

I ran across this old photo from probably 20+ years ago when the 5 of us were all able to be together for the first and only time in Palm Beach, FL. It brought back fond memories of our time together and also with Vanda North – our mentor.

Left to right: Dave Gunby, Debbie Showler, Kim Cordes, Jamie Nast, Randy Raines

Palace of Culture and SciencePoland’s city of Warsaw has grown to be one of my favorite places in the world. Not just because I’m priveledged to teach Idea Mapping for the 8th Academy of Evaluation, but because of the people I’ve come to care about so much.

Although I forgot to take a photo, I was thrilled to have dinner with friends Dr. Karol Olejniczak (highly decorated and constantly blossoming academic) and his talented wife Molly (who was born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana like me). We ate at Informal and I tried beef cheeks for the first time! They were delicious.

Dr. Karol Olejniczak is most recently known for his participation in the development of a highly successful interactive game called: Knowledge Brokers in Action — A Game-Based Approach for Strengthening Evidence-Based Polices.

Next posting I’ll share photos from the Idea Mapping class of the 8th Academy of Evaluation.

Jennifer Wild's Women's Renewal Retreat Idea MapJennifer Wild's Women's Renewal Retreat - MindManager VersionDr. Jennifer Wild is the Founder of Alternate Perspectives, and she attended one of my Idea Mapping Workshop 3 weeks ago. During the class she created this Idea Map about her upcoming Women’s Renewal Retreat to be held at the beautiful Goodstone Inn just outside of Middleburg, VA.

Just for fun I created my own spin on this retreat using MindManager. I think hers is much more interesting! If anyone wants the MindManager version with all the links, just pop me an email.

I’m sure there will be lots of growth, learning, and excitement for those who will be attending this retreat.

YouTube Direkt

Just a short sampling of some photos taken at last week’s public Idea Mapping workshop in downtown Northville, MI. A great time of learning and fun was had by all!

Northville Idea Mapping Workshop Prior to Set-upNorthville Idea Mapping Classroom With ParticipantsLast week I taught a public Idea Mapping Workshop in Northville, MI. We used some office space in Northville Square just a few doors down from my husband’s office (NastGroup Financial) in the same mall. In these photos you can see the beginning of the set-up process and the resulting class.

Over the next few postings I’ll share some more class photos and a video. Thanks to everyone who attended. Fun time of learning had by all!

Boeing 0426 Name TentBoeing 0428 Name Tent 1Boeing 0428 Name Tent 3Boeing 0428 Name Tent 2Last week I shared some name tents drawn by Boeing learners who recently attended my 2-day Idea Mapping workshop. If you haven’t had the chance to guess their names, go to that post before looking these answers.

Here are the answers to the names in order: Perry Gill, Marty, Seth, and Nicole! Thanks for playing along:)

Boeing 0426 Name TentBoeing 0428 Name Tent 1Boeing 0428 Name Tent 3Boeing 0428 Name Tent 2I’ve posted these name tent examples from many previous Idea Mapping Workshops around the globe. Here are 4 more from a recent class I taught at Boeing.

For the 24,000+ of you who have been through this workshop, you know the class starts out immediately with an activity similar to the game of Concentration.

Each learner is asked to draw a picture of their name using color, images, numbers and either adding or subtracting letters. I like to collect some of them and then see if you can guess their names. The name tents represent only the first name of the participant unless otherwise indicated. The very first name tent in this post is both first and last name.

Purpose of this activity is to immediately set the stage for a class that is far from the norm, get creative juices flowing, to put people in an uncomfortable situation (because many say they cannot draw), and it acts as a baseline for the drawing activities that are introduced later in the course.

After you’ve had a day or two to guess these names, I’ll post the answers. Have fun!


Idea Mapping Workshop Flier - Northville 2016In my June 21, 2016 posting I stated that next week’s Idea Mapping Workshop would be held in Livonia. A few weeks ago I changed the venue to Northville Square in Northville, MI just a few doors down from my husbands office – NastGroup Financial. We have a great group of people joining in on the fun. If you are still considering attending the workshop it is August 23-24 from 9:00 – 5:30pm both days. You must register in advance. Here is a link to the course abstract.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Jeff Bermundo - Lucille Ball DrawingLast week I taught another 2-day Idea Mapping Workshop in Long Beach, CA for Boeing.

One of the favorite activities outside of the idea mapping is around teaching participants to draw a portrait of a human face using some of the techniques taught by Betty Edwards (author of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain).

The purpose of this activity is to apply a learning model taught in the workshop to a variety of new skills that most adults find difficult or impossible. It becomes an analogy for life-long learning of any skill.

This portrait of Lucille Ball was drawn by Jeff Bermundo. On the left side is the original portrait, and on the right is Jeff’s drawing. (No tracing allowed.) Great job Jeff!

The Knowledge Brokers

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Knowledge Brokers Game 2The Knowledge Brokers is an innovative game-based workshop for public sector professionals. This workshop was designed and is conducted by a team of experts with extensive experience in applied research, evaluation studies and serious gaming.

Game Rationale: There is a clear gap between producing research studies and using results of those studies for decision-making. This “know-do” gap is common to all policy areas and one of the most difficult gaps to bridge.

Knowledge brokering is a promising practice for tackling the challenge of evidence use. For public professionals it means playing the role of intermediary who steers the flow of knowledge between its producers and users.

Application Goals: The workshop teaches six key knowledge brokering skills:

  1. Identifying knowledge needs of policy actors
  2. Acquiring credible studies
  3. Combining results into policy arguments
  4. Reaching users with appropriate dissemination strategies
  5. Delivering research results at the right moment of decision-making cycle
  6. Managing a unit and its network with limited resources

Participants: The Knowledge Brokers workshop has been designed to be experienced by professionals in groups of 30 or less.

Content: The Knowledge Brokers workshop is based on a specially designed tabletop simulation game. Serious games are effective experienced-based learning tools for adult professionals.

During the workshop participants play the role of managers within their re- gional evaluation units. Their mission is to help different decision-makers in successfully implementing socio-economic projects. They do this by acquir- ing and then feeding evaluation results to potential knowledge users. The simulation game is run in turns which are followed by detailed feedback and debriefing sessions grounded in latest empirical research on evidence used in decision-making.

The Knowledge Brokers website contains more details about its reliability and usefulness, how it is used, game details, testimonials and trusted clients.

One of the team’s experts is Karol Olejniczak who is an assistant professor at EUROREG – University of Warsaw, Poland and an experienced Idea Mapping practitioner. His expertise focuses on evaluation of public interventions and organizational learning. Since 2000, Karol has been a practicing evaluator. He has conducted studies for Polish government and the European Commission. In 2014, for his extensive applied research, he received the title “Evaluator of the Year” from the Polish Government.

For more information about The Knowledge Brokers contact Karol at k.olejniczak@evaluation.pl or +48 696 412 282.

(See Idea Maps or Mind Maps 469-471. Covey’s 7 Habits for more info on the collaboration between EUROREG and Idea Mapping.)Knowledge Brokers Game

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