vanda-inn-of-8-mapDuring the summer of 2005, Vanda North’s map was featured on the cover of a publication called Royal Mail out of London, UK. Her idea map highlights the essence of a creative organization. The “Cre8” branch considers the basic aspects involved in the creative process. The “Individual” branch says the company is only as creative as those it employs! The “Methods” branch addresses the ways you go about taking action, both in terms of thought processes and tools to perform the task. The “Results” branch focuses on the ROI and what it means in the workplace? Finally the “Corporate” branch talks about how to let innovation take-off. The right corporate ambience needs to be in place. Without it, the other branches of innovation cannot grow. Businesses must offer rewards for risks. There must be real commitment with the right environment, culture and support to reap the rewards.
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