Janet Forton - Original Dr. Deming Portrait Used During Mind Mapping Workshop at EDSJanet Forton's Edwards Deming Portrait Drawn During 1996 Mind Mapping or Idea Mapping Workshop at EDS

This drawing was created by Janet Forton who is a friend and colleague from my old EDS (now HP) days. She took what was then called my Mind Mapping Workshop (now updated to Idea Mapping Workshop).

During on of the activities participants are challenged to apply a learning model to do what many consider to be impossible — draw a portrait of a human face. This learning model is used for several different types of activities throughout the two days. Participants can then apply this model to learning other skills in their life and business.

On the left you will see both the original portrait and then the one that Janet drew by hand with nothing but copy paper and a Number 2 pencil. Thanks Janet!

If you want to see some of Janet’s Idea Maps see Effects of Caffeine Map or the story about how we miraculously reconnected after many years or A Medical Makeover Map. If you search this blog on “portrait drawings” you will find many more examples.