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Jim Lauria recently used Mind Mapping or (Idea Mapping) to help him publish an eBook titled How to Get Your Money Back From Big Companies — a guide to getting consumers restitution for botched customer service and defective products. Mind mapping and his use of MindManager contributed to the success of this project in the following ways: To […]

During my November 2013 trip to teach a workshop in Poland I was fortunate to spend an evening at the home of Wojtek and Ania Korsak (Owners of Explorer Consulting). They surprised me with this gift of a hand drawn Idea Map of my book titled Idea Mapping. A great time was had by all […]

These idea maps are from another one of Scott Letwin’s students (Zimmer) who just completed his first semester of an Electrical Apprenticeship at Red Deer College. Zimmer’s idea maps were on the topics of Basic Math and Composition of Matter. I first introduced Scott in my December 4, 2013 posting as he was preparing to attend my […]

Scott Letwin is an Electrical Apprenticeship Instructor at Red Deer College in Red Deer, Alberta CANADA. I recently met him when he attended my Idea Mapping Workshop in Palm Beach, FL December 11-12, 2013. He has been at Red Deer College for eight years and has been successfully teaching idea mapping to his students and […]

These two Idea Maps from Howard Veit and Scott Letwin summarize Covey’s 7 Habits. These examples were created during my December 2013 Idea Mapping Workshop in Palm Beach, FL using mind mapping software. They were developed during an activity whose purpose is to give course participants an opportunity to summarize an article and boil down habits like […]

Frank Adams is the Coordinator of IT for the Rinker Center for International Programs at Ball State University in Muncie, IN. I taught both an Idea Mapping Workshop and  Memory Workshop there in October 2013. This is Frank’s first attempt at idea mapping real-time. Here is a Frank’s explanation of the idea map: “Sunapsis is an international student administration software […]

Scott Letwin is no stranger to Idea Mapping, yet he’s determined to continue to grow in his knowledge of this tool and surround himself with other experts in this field. This Canadian is going to travel to Palm Beach, Florida next week to attend my public 2-day Idea Mapping Workshop along with Vanda North’s Mind […]

Last week I taught a Memory Power Workshop and an Idea Mapping Workshop at Ball State University in Muncie, IN. Prior to the start of the Memory Power session one of the participants, Brad Edmondson, shared this idea map with me. He had used an idea map to plan a high-end golf outing and had […]

Improve your memory today for free! IIBA is graciously offering this archived version of my memory webinar to the public! Learn to memorize 20 words in order, how to remember names & faces, and how to count to 100 in Chinese. I gave this 1-hour memory webinar live for 195 members of IIBA (International Institute of […]

On October 8, 2013 I gave a 1-hour memory webinar for 195 members of IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis). Certified Idea Mapping Instructor Debbie Showler was also in attendance. This is her Idea Map of the content of that webinar. This webinar will be available to the public soon in the IIBA Webinar Archives.

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