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Yesterday I was privileged to to be a speaker at the Annual PMI (Project Management Institute) Conference for the New Jersey Chapter. The top and second idea maps are ones I created live from the first speaker, Sarah Miller Caldicott, who is the author of a book titled, “Innovate Like Edison”. The next idea map […]

On January 22, 2009 I did a webinar with Mindjet titled, “Increasing Productivity with Idea Mapping”. Lisa Fait was the MC and Michael Deutch was the interviewer. Learn more about Idea Mapping and see some really cool examples from mappers around the globe! Listen to the recorded version.

The top postings for 2008 are as follows: #1 – Direct visits to the home page of the Idea Mapping Blog. #2 – 7 Habits of Highly Effective GTDers by Frank Medlar #3 – Franklin Templeton Library Mid-Year Results by Larisa Brigevich #4 – Idea Maps Help 11th-Grade AP Physics Studies by Melinda Dang #5 […]

VizThink is hosting its first European conference in October of 2008 in Berlin. Tom Crawford (VizThink CEO) is looking for a mapper to: – Create live mind maps for 2 of the 4 general sessions at the conference. The general sessions are 90 minutes long and there are 2 each day. It would be done […]

Daniel Pace was one of the participants in my recent June workshop and a Senior Business Process Analyst for the Larimer County Government in Ft. Collins, CO. Daniel will tell you his story in his own words: “Jamie, this is my first ‘real-time’ map. I did this exclusively in pencil, so that I would not […]

Michael Panebianco is a captain with Southwest Airlines and has contributed several idea maps to this blog. This particular map was created “in the moment”, so I call that a real-time idea map. I’ll let Michael explain in his own words. “This real-time map was created during a phone conversation with a colleague who is […]

Last year I posted a link to my first of two interviews with Tara Kachaturoff, host and producer of “Michigan Entrepreneur“. It was a 30-minute TV show, but this segment is edited to a 7-minute clip where I demonstrate how to create Idea Maps. The second TV segment is now available. In this 8-minute clip, […]

Creating idea maps in the moment (I call them “real-time” maps) is one of the most advanced skills, and no one does this better than Debbie Showler. Debbie is a Certified Idea Mapping Instructor from Whitby, Ontario. On February 6, 2008 the Oprah Show did a rerun of a show called, “The Secret Behind the […]

A clip from Part 1 of Jamie’s BCTV interview on Michigan Entrepreneur, which aired in July, is now available to watch here. Part 2 will air twice this week. On a side note, the Idea Mapping Squidoo Lens is currently ranked #16 in business and #356 overall.

This posting is a follow-up to yesterday’s final version of Liza’s meeting notes. Hint #12 involves when to re-create your idea map. Often times your purpose doesn’t require this, but in Liza’s case she was creating a useful document for public view. This gave her an opportunity to step back and think about the information […]

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