Participants in the Idea Mapping or Mind Mapping Workshop - 1

Mrs Potato Head joins the Idea Mapping Workshop or Mind Mapping Workshop at Mindjet

Juggling Baseline at Mindjet Idea Mapping Workshop

Michael Deutch Clowning Around

Laurel Martinez at Mindjet Idea Mapping Workshop

Prabhjot Saini attends Idea Mapping Workshop at Mindjet

We had a terrific experience during this week’s Idea Mapping Workshop held at the Mindjet offices in San Francisco! Here is the first round of photos for you to enjoy.

The top photo features Ray Sheffield from Sheffield Estate Planning, Brett Robblee from Raytheon, Tim Cox from Wells Fargo and Wayne Chan from Mindjet.  Next is an Idea Map from one of the first activities.

The third photo is from the juggling activity and the fourth is Michael Deutch clowning around. Number five is Laurel Martinez from Blue Shield CA during the personal vision/mission activity. The weather was beautiful, so some took advantage of the outdoors during this time of contemplation.

The last shot is of Prabhjot (Jolly) Saini. This was an idea map that his group created of all the personal and professional uses they are going to implement for Idea Mapping. A great time was had by all. More photos to come in following posts.

Mallory Bazan - Idea Map or Mind Map of Free Prize Inside

Sam Meyers - Idea Map or Mind Map of Expert Thinking

Matt Moen - Idea Map or Mind Map of Expanding our ThinkingIn the October 23, 2009 posting I first introduced readers of this blog to Dr. Tim Schweizer from Luther College in Decorah, IA. He attended one of my public Idea Mapping workshops in August of 2009 and has been experimenting using Idea Mapping with his college students in a variety of ways ever since. Search this blog on his name or “Luther College” and you will find many, many idea mapping examples from his students and some of his examples as well.

Today he is sharing 3 examples that were maps created in about 15 minutes. The students read a book for 35-40 minutes, then mapped what they remembered. It was not supposed to be an outline. They read for fun, then mapped. This shows a visual overview of what they could recall when reading for a rather short period of time.

The top example from Mallory Bazan is from the book Free Prize Inside by Seth Godin. The second example from Sam Meyers is an overview of a reading from Expert Thinking by Kenneth Gilhooly and Robert Hoffman. The third idea map summarizes Matt Moen‘s reading from The Necessary Revolution by Peter Senge, Bryan Smith, Nina Kruschwitz, Joe Laur and Sar Schley. Matt titled his Idea Map “Expanding Our Thinking.”

Dr. Schweizer sent me quite a few more examples that I will share over the upcoming weeks.

Playdoh DesignYou still have time to register for the public Idea Mapping Workshop that will be held November 10-11, 2010 at the Mindjet offices in San Francisco, CA. You will join professionals from companies like Wells Fargo, Raytheon, Blue Shield of California, Red Bull and more. Registration is required in advance.

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Learning how to learn has historically been one of the most overlooked skills not taught to students. As a result learning continues to be a challenge into adulthood. I see this all the time with the participants of my Idea Mapping Workshops. Even very successful engineers, leaders, and IT professionals have rarely been taught strong learning techniques – rather they have been TOLD to learn and left to figure the rest out on their own.

The few learning tips students and adults are provided are often boring or nothing more than rote memorization. The stress and pressure this creates can be replaced with success by applying Toni Krasnic’s Concise Learning Method. This learning method is specifically designed for students and combines a 5-phase process (Preview, Participate, Process, Practice, and Produce) with Idea Mapping (Toni calls this visual mapping).

You can order the book at For additional information see Toni’s blog at

Playdoh DesignAs a result of an email blast on Friday afternoon by Mindjet, registrations for the November 10-11, 2010 public Idea Mapping Workshop started coming in yesterday. Participants from Wells Fargo, Raytheon and other companies will be joining us for the event.

The Idea Mapping course will be held at the Mindjet offices in San Francisco, CA. Seating is limited to the first 30 people. Author Jamie Nast will be the instructor.

For details on this event see the Mindjet Blog and register for this workshop today.

JugglingEverything you want to know about this upcoming event at Mindjet can be found in this posting. Thanks Garret!



beachThis is a reminder that the last two 2010 public Idea Mapping Workshops will be held in San Francisco, California at the Mindjet offices November 10-11, 2010 and Palm Beach, Florida December 6-7, 2010.

The San Francisco workshop is limited to 30 people and the Palm Beach workshop is limited to 16. Register today or browse through the course abstract.

Shelby Eaton-Chemistry Idea Map

Idea Mapping has been helping Luther College students since the fall 2009 semester. This is the first example from the fall 2010 classes. You can search on this blog for “Luther College” to find over 25 other examples from last school years’ students.

Again Dr. Tim Schweizer spent one 60-minute class teaching them the concepts and guidelines of Idea Mapping. They read chapters 2-5 of the Idea Mapping book, and then spent a second 60-minute class practicing and applying their new skills.

Their assignment was to create an idea map that would be relevant to them either personally, professionally, or academically. He gave them several topic suggestions and allowed for either hand drawn or computer generated maps.

Above you will find Idea Map #262. It was created by Shelby Eaton about one of her chemistry lessons.  Here’s what she said about this Idea Map:

“When I made this idea map, we had just started some basic chemistry guidelines that I was having trouble memorizing and keeping straight.  By creating an idea map for this material, it really made me sit down and figure out all of the different rules that I had been having trouble with, which considerably helped.  I have been tested over this material, and I found that section on the test to be quite easy.”

Thank you for sharing this Shelby!

Takreer Idea Mapping Workshop Group Photo

First Idea Mapping or Mind Mapping Workshop for Takreer in Abu Dhabi 1

First Idea Mapping or Mind Mapping Workshop for Takreer in Abu Dhabi 5

First Idea Mapping or Mind Mapping Workshop for Takreer in Abu Dhabi 7

First Idea Mapping or Mind Mapping Workshop for Takreer in Abu Dhabi 16

The first Idea Mapping Workshop for Abu Dhabi Oil Company (TAKREER) was delivered last month by Jamie Nast and Safa Hijazeen – Founder of Forward Training and the Middle East Idea Mapping training team headquartered in Amman, Jordan.

Ironically one of the participants was born and raised in west Lafayette, Indiana and went to Purdue University where I also graduated. Half way around the world and I run into a fellow Boilermaker! This was a very fun group of learners who will pave the way for future classes at TAKREER.

I hope the readers of this blog and participants of this workshop enjoy seeing these photos! Shown below are shots of the portrait drawing activity, juggling activity and basic drawing. More to come next posting.

Fig8-10 SmallerThis Corporate Vision Map was created by CIMI (Certified Idea Mapping Instructor) Debbie Showler as an Idea Map to visually represent the core values, behaviors, and business of this organization within a large IT Company. At the time Debbie was working for a division of this US-based company in Oshawa, Ontario.

Debbie has created thousands of Idea Maps, but she specializes in doing them in the moment. During a lengthy meeting about this organizations mission and vision, she was asked to sit in the back of the room and listen to the discussion with the possibility of creating a way to visually represent the discussion. The map you see above was then used as the primary communication tool to share and support that vision.

A copy of this map was then distributed to all A copy of this map was then distributed to all A copy of this map was then distributed to all A copy of this map was then distributed to all team members and loaded as a screen save on their computers. Debbie continues to excel in teaching and using Idea Mapping throughout Canada and beyond.

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