Boeing Engineer's Learn to Juggle

Boeing Aircraft Etch a Sketch

Idea Mapping Activity at Boeing

Michael's Portrait Drawing

Mrs Potato Head Has a New Hairdo

I still have so many Idea Mapping Workshop photos to share from the various workshops I’ve taught around the globe. So today I’m going to share some new ones from a workshop at Boeing.

The top photo shows engineers and other professionals attempting to juggle. The purpose of this activity is teach participants a skill they think impossible by using a learning model that breaks the learning into small manageable pieces that build incrementally.

Photo #2: As you can see there are lots of toys sprinkled out on the tables. This helps create a fun and playful learning environment which increases memory and creates a whole-brain experience. This clever Boeing attendee drew an aircraft with the Etch A Sketch.

Photo #3: These gentlemen are practicing their Idea Mapping skills through this activity.

Photo #4: This portrait was drawn by Michael. Again the intent of this activity is not to make artists, but rather to put people into learning situations they think impossible.  Using a learning model I show them so basic techniques to breaking this daunting task into manageable pieces.

Photo #5: People come up with some of the craziest ways to dress Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head!

A good time was had by all.

Happy Valentines Day!

14 Feb 2011 In: Messages from Jamie

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Coaching Sanctuary

10 Feb 2011 In: Messages from Jamie, Mindjet

Michael & Bettina JetterMindjet Founders, Mike and Bettina Jetter, have created a new Web 2.0 Life Coaching application Coaching Sanctuary. Putting a technological twist on tradition, Coaching Sanctuary brings life coaching online through innovative design and interactive technology for coaches and end-users. It is designed for Life Coaches, their clients and YOU!

Coaching Sanctuary is like no other online space. It provides a safe place for its members to be inspired by a unique collection of personal growth tools: journal, vision board, community board, practice notebook, and personal tracking tools, as well as an incredibly motivating self-guided coaching program.

I have known Mike and Bettina since somewhere around 1998 and I can’t think of two better people to lead a coaching community. To learn more about their journey you may want to read their book titled The Cancer Code.

You can also find Coaching Sanctuary on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

bill lavery's SLI retirement idea mapOn Friday January 21, 2011 the team supporting the Saline Leadership Institute (SLI) in Saline, MI gathered to celebrate the retirement of Bill Lavery. Bill (who was previously a retired health care executive) was one of the three original founders of this organization. SLI is committed to helping people in the Saline community develop leadership skills that would in turn feed the volunteer organizations that help Saline grow and mature.

I have been a facilitator for SLI since its inception. Bill Lavery was an Idea Mapping fan and expert from the first class I taught. It was therefore fitting to build an Idea Map with thoughts, wishes and photos of all who were involved in making each annual class of graduates possible.

Congratulations Bill! You will be missed, but we know you are off on other adventures.

2010 felt like two years of learning and experiences jammed into a single year. Since January 2011 is already behind us, I thought I’d take a minute to look back. Here are some highlights as the year progressed:

1. My first trip to Amman, Jordan and the debut of the Idea Mapping Workshop – Without a doubt this was the best class and best group of learners in my 19 years of teaching this class. Thank you Forward Training team!First Jordan Idea Mapping WorkshopThis class was held in February and we did a second one in May. You can read previous posts about this event and view this short 3-minute YouTube video featuring some of those participants across a wide variety of professions.

2. Played Miss Hannigan in “Annie” musical. This was a personal highlight for 2010.Lilly, Rooster & AggieThe show was produced by Oak Pointe Church as a community outreach and raised over $14,000 to dig two wells for a city in Zambia. One for the orphanage (therefore the tie to “Annie”) and the other for the town.  The show entertained 3,300+ people over the course of a weekend.

3. I had my first surgery. After an ultrasound two biopsies I am now minus 85% of my left thyroid.

4. My husband Kevin has been in the financial industry for over 16 years. This year he passed his Series 66 exam which allows him to officially be called a Financial Planner (lots of reps call themselves that illegally). He changed his business model, and had a new website and blog designed. The blog is filled with very interesting short articles providing tips on all areas impacting finances.

5. My first trip to Abu Dhabi and the debut of the Idea Mapping Workshop.Takreer Idea Mapping Workshop Group PhotoThis workshop was held for Takreer (previously called Abu Dhabi Oil Company). This was another amazing cultural learning experience. We’ve now been asked to be a regular part of their curriculum offerings for their next fiscal year which begins April 2011. I look forward to returning to this part of the country.

6. We celebrated out 20th wedding anniversary! It’s hard to believe that 20 years have gone by so quickly.

7. I headed back to Poland to teach for the 3rd year in a row for EUROREG. Parogies for Thanksgiving dinner! Even the executives in Warsaw aren’t afraid to have some fun! Another delightful group of people I had the pleasure to train.Gregory Poses for the Third Intro of  Academy of Evaluation and Idea Mapping

8. Happy 50th birthday to me! A special dinner at one of our favorite retaurants.

9. We continued my birthday celebration in Palm Beach, FL spending time with goods friends. Vanda & Bob hosted a lovely party for me and we had 4 days to play and relax with them. Many thanks to all who were able to join us!50th birthday celebration - Bob & Vanda

10. We shared a wonderful quiet Christmas Day at home reflecting on the blessings of the year.

Diabetes Association of Greater ClevelandThis idea map sure looks different from the original one created by hand!

On January 28, 2011 I shared the story about how Siri Zimmerman and I used idea mapping to plan the content of a 2-hour session I will deliver for around 150 people at a conference in March sponsored by the Diabetes Association of Greater Cleveland. It was drawn by hand as we brainstormed.

In this case it was necessary to put the final version into MindManager and time each segment in order to stay on task during the workshop. In addition Siri needed to share the idea map with colleagues, so the clean version needed to be sent to her electronically. So attached you will find the final version I sent to her and you can compare it to the original. I’ll let you know how it worked for me after the conference.

Siri Zimmerman - Idea Map or Mind Map to Brainstorm Diabetes Conference Session ContentI met Siri Zimmerman when she was 8 years old. She was the daughter of one of my co-workers at EDS, Marty Zimmerman, who is now the author of three books. Siri (now 25) and I met for coffee this past weekend to discuss the possibility of me speaking at the upcoming conference she is planning  for the Diabetes Association of Greater Cleveland March 24, 2011.

Siri told me about the challenges of the nurses and other medical practitioners who would be attending so that I could tailor my 2-hour workshop to provide tools that would meet their specific needs. Next we got out paper and pen to create an Idea Map of the workshop content. Participants will be taught idea mapping and other practical learning and memory skills that they can then use in their job to improve patient education.

In 2 1/2 hours we were able to catch up on 10-15 years of history and plan the entire content for the conference. The Idea Map wasn’t anything fancy, but it did the trick. Next I came home and put a detailed version into MindManager so that I could turn it into a jpg and she could then share the plan with the rest of her colleagues. I’ll share that version in the next posting.

juggling-baselineA new year is going to bring new experiences and friends. I’m already filled with excitement to see what this year will bring. Most of the Idea Mapping Workshops are taught for large organizations like Boeing, Ford, Mayo Clinic, etc., but this year I’m trying to respond to your requests to offer Idea Mapping in a wider number of cities across the US and Canada. So here is this year’s line-up:

  • Feb 23-24 – Livonia, Michigan
  • Apr 11-12 – Palm Beach, Florida
  • June 21-22 – Toronto, Canada
  • Aug 9-10 – San Diego, California
  • Sept 12-13 – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Oct 11-12 – Vancouver, Canada
  • Dec 5-6 – Palm Beach, Florida

Hopefully this offers a little better variety than in past years. If you would like to see Idea Mapping come to your city, please contact me at 734-207-5287 and we can discuss the possibility.

Reach the Course Abstract if you want to find out more details about the course or register for one of these events. I look forward to meeting you!

Teiji Nakano - Jamie Nast Branding Idea Map Tweaked by Michael DeutchIn my previous posting January 19, I shared a gift that Teiji Nakano gave me — a branding profile featuring the Idea Mapping book in English as well as the Japanese translation. Teiji Nakano is the author of a book titled How to Increase Business Productivity with MindManager and it is available at

MindManager evangelist Michael Deutch put his own personal touch on it by showing how you can make the text and background image pop out more clearly. Michael put some transparent background colors on the topics and used my Idea Mapping book’s colors for fonts.

Isn’t he clever? Can you see the difference?

Teiji Nakano's Idea Map or Mind Map Profile of Jamie NastTeiji Nakano is the author of a book titled How to Increase Business Productivity with MindManager and it is available at  He is an expert in the use of MindManager and created this branding Idea Map as a gift to me. You gotta love the Mt. Fuji background.

In the MindManager version he has links to various resources including the Japanese translation of Idea Mapping, my website, blog and other links. Those links are not live in this jpg, so if you would like the MindManager version just pop me an email at info(at)ideamappingsuccess(dot)com and I’ll send it to you.

teiji-nakanos-book-coverFor more info on Teiji Nakano see his blog and Visual Mapping fan page on Facebook – both of which are quite interesting. Thanks Teiji!

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