William Reed Article

22 Jan 2007 In: Articles

For those of you who know William Reed, you know he is a man of many talents — including Idea Mapping. The Japan Times has just written a wonderful article on him that you will want to read. Click here for the article link. Congratulations William!

On May 3-4, 2007, Jamie Nast will be teaching the first open public Idea Mapping workshop at The House of Tan Yeok Nee Conference Center. This facility is the home of The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business.

Registration is now open to the first 42 participants. Registration will be closed once these 42 spots have been reserved or by April 3, 2007 — which ever comes first. This is necessary because of the large amount of materials that will need to be shipped from the USA.

This workshop is non-standard in several ways. The workshop will run from 9am – 5:30pm on both days. Lunch (as well as morning and afternoon tea) is included in the price of the conference. For more information and to register for this event click here. We look forward to meeting you at this premier event!

Rolonda Watts will do a live interview with Jamie Nast on January 16, 2007 from 1:30-2:00pm EST. This show airs out of Hollywood, California, but can be heard online at www.greenstoneradio.com. Jamie will be joined by some of her past clients who will share how they have applied Idea Mapping to their work and life. These guests include three top business managers: Michael Shaw (Mayo Clinic), Darcy Salman, and Megan Clark — both from a major automotive manufacturer in southeast Michigan. Listen in!

If possible, the audio of this broadcast will be made available.

WikiSummary of Idea Mapping Book

10 Jan 2007 In: idea mapping book

Today a WikiSummary went up (thanks to the extraordinairy work of web designer Cornel Ivanescu) on http://wikisummaries.org/Idea_Mapping. The text even includes chapter summaries. Check it out!

Today I had an interview with one of Ft. Wayne, Indiana’s radio personalities. Leslie and I spent 30 minutes talking about Idea Mapping, its benefits, and applications. The show will be heard on February 18th at 7:00 AM on a program called A Closer Look. This show can be heard on both 1250AM and 102.9FM (WGL). The following week you will hear clips from the interview on these stations as well as:

WNHT 96.3 FM – Wild
WXKE 103.9 – Rock 104

A recording of this interview will be loaded in the Press section of www.ideamappingsuccess.com when the audio is available.

ASTD Book Review

6 Jan 2007 In: Book Review

There is a book review of Idea Mapping in the November 2006 issue of ASTD’s (American Society of Training & Development) T&D Magazine. If you have the magazine, the review is on page 74. If you are viewing the pdf file, it is on the 3rd page.

The Rolonda Watts Show

3 Jan 2007 In: Radio/TV Appearances

Tomorrow (January 4, 2007) from approximately 2:30-3:00pm EST, Scott Hagwood (4-time USA Memory Champ and the 1st USA Grand Master of Memory) will be interviewed by nationally acclaimed Rolanda Watts. Jamie Nast and Angelo Lam will also join the show as Scott’s guests.

An open public Idea Mapping Workshop has been added to Jamie’s 2007 travel schedule. The dates will be July 19-20, 2007. Registration is now open.

UBAM has their offices in Chicago, IL. In their recent newsletter to members (Volume 2, Issue 4), Idea Mapping was listed as one of three book recommendations for Fall 2006. Thanks UBAM!

Mike has contributed 2 more maps. Go to http://www.ideamappingsuccess.com/book.cfm and then click on “Client Idea Maps”. The one titled “Career Map” represents some of Mike’s mental turmoil as he faces the possibility of losing his job at Ford (due to the major current downsizing efforts). Some of the branches are becoming maps of their own as he explores options in more detail.

The second map titled “Performance Review Preparation” was a mini brainstorming session to prepare for writing his performance review. Enjoy seeing and learning from these idea maps!

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