Top Tips for Tiny Tots

27 Feb 2007 In: Vanda North

Partners Vanda North, Aulden Dunipace, Lex McKee, and Michael Spencer would like to invite you to participate in the pre-launch review of Top Tips for Tiny Tots.

Top Tips for Tiny Tots is the first learning experience built collaboratively by The Learning CIC (a not for profit company) and Fuel IT (one of the world’s leading e-learning companies.) The goal of the product is to give parents of kids between -9 months and 5 years, all the key tips available today for the optimal development of their Tot’s brain.

To view the intro sequence, and take advantage of the pre-launch offer, click on the following link The offer will be valid until the 1st March 2007.

Attention Mental Athletes!

26 Feb 2007 In: Memory

Challenge your mind at the 10th Annual USA Memory Championships on Saturday, March 10, 2007 NYC. A good friend and colleague of mine, Tony Dottino, started this event in 1998. This event will be held from 9AM-5PM at:

Con Edison Auditorium
4 Irving Place (14th Street)
New York, NY

At the USA Memory Championship, “Mental Athletes” compete in brain-breaking events including the memorization of a string of 1,000 random digits, two decks of shuffled cards, 99 names and faces, 100 spoken words and an unpublished 50-line poem. In this tournament, challengers from from around the country vie for the title of “USA National Memory Champion”. High school teams are competing to become the High School Team Memory Champ.

The winner of the USA Memory Championship will automatically qualify to compete against champions from other countries in the World Memory Championships to be held in Oxford, England August 2007.
You can still be a contestant, a sponsor, or a spectator. For deadlines and registration info see

Spectators — Free
Student Mental Athletes (Contestants) ages 12-21 Free registration
Mental Athletes (Contestants) ages 22 and up — $25 to register (pre-qualification not required)

Press Contact: Renee Sall 201-573-0300

Helpful Hint #1 – Color Codes

20 Feb 2007 In: Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints is a new series that begins today. The first helpful hint is about color codes. Notice that all the text for helpful hints on this blog will be coded in purple. So from this point forward… when you see PURPLE, you’ll know it’s a helpful hint!

When creating idea maps, consider using various colors to add an extra layer of meaning in the form of a code. For example, color can identify:

  • The urgency/priority of a task
  • A branch or word that you want to stand out
  • Each person who contributes an idea to a group map can have their own color

The applications for color codes are endless. Please share how you have used color codes in your maps. If you have a specific question, post a comment or email me at info(at)IdeaMappingSuccess(dot)com and I’ll post a hint to address your concern.

Starting today, I am going to occasionally post Idea Maps for you to see and share. Seeing how others created their maps, and learning how they were applied fosters greater learning and collaboration. There will be a mix of hand-drawn and electronic maps.

To start this new pattern I’m sharing one of my own. This is a growing map that captures all of my plans for my upcoming Asia tour. I will be adding to it over time.

Please share your idea maps, concept maps, and mind maps. I’ll add them for others to see!

The Plymouth Journal

8 Feb 2007 In: Articles

Today in the Plymouth Journal, writer Lester Holmes captures a brief overview of Idea Mapping for newspaper subscribers. Additional comments came from DTE’s Jane Multerer.

Last fall Chuck Frey conducted a major survey of mind mapping software users. The results were quite significant. This research, showed for example, that mapping software increases the productivity of its users by an average of 20 percent!

His new survey delves deeper into issues like sharing your maps, collaborating with others, and exporting maps into other data formats. If you are interested, please take a few minutes to complete this brief, 10-question survey.

Hong Kong Bookstore Sells Idea Mapping

31 Jan 2007 In: idea mapping book

Today’s note is primarily for my friends in (and traveling through) the Hong Kong area. Many of you have asked when the Idea Mapping book will be either sold in China or translated into Chinese. I don’t have any updates on the translation yet, but I have found a store in Hong Kong that is selling the book. There may be other stores, but Cosmos is the first one I’m aware of.

Meet Simon Chak from Cosmos Books! He is the Assistant Manager for the English Books Department. Simon sent me an email yesterday saying that the book is selling well. I look forward to meeting Simon in late April when I’m teaching workshops for an educational organization in Macau. You can find Cosmos Books at 30 Johnston Rd, Wan Chai, T 2866 1677. 1000- 2000. I found another phone number of 2865 0708 on the web as well.

Although the official promotion starts Feb 1, 2007, you could start seeing Idea Mapping in 70 airport bookstores across the USA beginning now. Look for Idea Mapping in your favorite concourse and let us know where you’ve spotted the book! We’ll see how many book spottings we can find in the 70 airports can be found!

Hal Kirkwood is an Associate Professor and one of the librarians in the Management & Economics Library at Purdue’s Krannert School of Management. He created a map that is designed to provide an alternative method of access for students and faculty to the multitude of business databases available. It started out as a proximity map and has since mutated to the current version.

He’s working on improving the usability/viewability of it, as well as providing a layer of information on where the information comes from, how it flows through the topics, and then into the databases. The goal is to not only direct students to the proper resources for their information needs, but to also improve their awareness of the business research process.

So far it has been very well received by students. Due to the emphasis on technology transfer at Purdue, many more engineering students are looking for business information and they find the map to be extremely useful. Hal and his team will be testing and experimenting more with it this Spring semester and presenting on it at the Computers in Libraries conference in April.

Website For Writers

23 Jan 2007 In: Uncategorized

A few weeks ago I stumbled across an excellent resource for writers of any kind. The site is called Today’s Woman Writing Community — supportive online writing community for men and women over 18. It containing articles, short stories, poems, interactive forums, blogs, writing classifieds, downloads, writing contests, writing events, writing tips, writing resources, ezine newsletter, famous quotes, author interviews, book reviews, and many more features. For $50 Canadian you can even advertise your book for 3 months — quite a deal for the amount of traffic this site gets!

The founder of this community also has an amazing blog at Check it out!

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