This fall I taught 2 workshops for Ford Motor Company. Now that the participants have had a chance to apply some of their learning, I’m beginning to receive some of their examples. If you go to and click on “Client Idea Maps”, you will find new maps by Mike Kline and Jennifer Webb. Both of Mike’s maps were created after the workshop. For comparison purposes, Jennifer shares 2 maps that she created prior to the workshop and a third one created afterward. It’s quite a transformation. She is using this third map to study for an accounting exam and will share her grade with us soon!

In the workshop participants are taught a learning model and then have opportunities to apply this to learning new skills. These non-artists find out they CAN draw. Both Mike and Jennifer share their portraits as well. Great job to both!

John Wiley & Sons announced yesterday that the license to foreign translation rights has been granted to The Electronic Times in South Korea. This information is hot off the press, so I don’t know an exact publication date yet. I will pass along that information when I get it!

Click here for photos and descriptions of the November 16, 2006 Idea Mapping workshop for the SLI. I’ll post photos of other workshops as they are available.

Purdue’s Krannert School of Management publishes The Krannert Magazine twice a year and sends it to their 30,000+ alumni around the globe. The November 2006 edition featured an article on Idea Mapping titled “From Idea to Action“. Included in the column were 3 maps and the stories behind each one. They did a wonderful job on this article. Just be patient as it takes a little time to load the pdf file.

New Announcement: Chuck Frey has just finished writing a new e-book, entitled Mind Mapping Software: How to Select the Perfect Program for Your Needs. He assembled a collection of advice, best practices and resources that you can use to take the mystery out of buying this type of software. Check it out!

Barnes and Noble

1 Dec 2006 In: idea mapping book

I finally got pictures developed from our first sighting of the Idea Mapping book in stores. My husband and I were at the Barnes & Noble in Northville, Michigan when he captured this exciting moment!

For anyone who wants to get a little Florida sunshine along with a great learning experience, there is still time to register for the Idea Mapping workshop that will be taught next week by Jamie Nast. Go to to register. The workshop comes with an Idea Mapping Kit, the Idea Mapping book by Jamie Nast, and other surprises.

Make it an early Christmas present for yourself!

An Unlikely Meeting

23 Nov 2006 In: Idea Mapping Practitioners

One of our neighbors is a VP for an auto parts manufacturing company called ASIMCO based out of Beijing, China. For years he has been asking me “So, what is it that you actual do?”. It can be difficult to explain the learning and the experience that people go through during the 2-day workshop, so he was left wondering a bit.

On his recent trip to China he took a copy of “Idea Mapping” with him. It represents a prominent skill taught in my workshops. He read most of the book on the way over. During one of his meetings, ASIMCO’s director of the Six Sigma program (Mr. Ji Hong) began his presentation by using an idea map created in Mindjet’s MindManager X5 software program. My neighbor stopped the meeting to ask him how he learned about idea mapping and pulled the book from his briefcase.

The map from this meeting was then forwarded to me to share this story. Since then, Ji Hong and I have been in contact. In fact the infamous Six-Sigma map is now up on my website if you would like to see it.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

On November 20 & 21, 17 new Ford Motor IT employees went through the Idea Mapping Workshop. It was an outstanding group of learners that I am confident will use their new skills to make a significant impact at Ford. I hope to put some of their work up on the website as these participants share their learning.

Unrelated to the content, we will all remember how cold it was (as we worked in our coats), and as soon as we began the exercise of attempting to remember 100 items, the window-washing crew started loudly washing the nearly 18-20 full-length windows surrounding the room! Congratulations to you all!

This link is provided by Jay Cross, author of “Informal Learning”. Participants at Learning 2006 (Orlando, Florida) loved the Graphic Learning Gallery. For photos see:
Jay took this opportunity to raise the training industry’s consciousness of the power of graphics.

Idea Maps from Megan Clark (Ford Motor Company, Michigan), Debbie Showler (Whitby, Ontario), and Jamie Nast (Michigan) were all part of this display.

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